Workshop by The Kcolumbus On Thursday, 26th September, 2019

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                                                      TJIS LAKSHYA

         Workshop by The Kcolumbus

On Thursday, 26th September, 2019

At TJIS, Kanpur

“Always go with the choice that scares you most,

Because that’s the one which is going to help you grow.”

The career in merchant navy provides the opportunity to travel around the world and the lure of adventure on the high seas beside the possibility of high remunerations attracts many youngsters to make career in this field. Merchant Navy is different from the navy in the sense that it offers commercial services. Merchant Navy is the backbone of international trade, carrying cargo all over the world. Merchant ships employ a large number of workers to carry and deliver goods from one country to another. Without the merchant navy, much of the import- export business would come to a grinding halt!

A career in merchant navy is considered a glamorous job, especially by the people who have been bitten by the travel bug. It offers an opportunity to visit new places all around the globe. Merchant Navy career is not only monetarily rewarding but also satisfying and a quiet challenging.

Our guest of honor Mariner Akash Tripathi along with Director, Mr Aditya Bajpai, KColumbus Institute of Merchant Navy mentored our students on the criteria of the interview, medical test, and complete ship-training prior to the employment. They also guided our students about the short term course where the candidates are taught basic security concerns of voyaging.

Mariner Akash Tripathi also told that the students after completion of class XII, interested candidates can apply for the Indian Maritime University common entrance  test (IMU CET) or all India Merchant Navy Test which is conducted in the month of May. The other exams that can also serve as a gateway for Marine Engineering are JEE, MERI Entrance Exam, TIMSAT. Application of the exam can be done online. Along with the application form, applicants have to submit a brief summary of 100 words that states why they wish to apply for Merchant Navy.

The session commenced with the welcome and concluded with the felicitation of the guests by the School Principal Mr. M K Panda and Headmistress (Junior Wing) Mrs. Rekha Singh and the venerable members of the staff.

The objective of the session was to help the children with career planning, the decision making process, implementation of career choice, career adjustment and the interplay between the career and personal issues.

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