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Each school has its own existential objectives as its founding principles in order to fulfill the goal of establishing an internationally benchmarked 21st century school. Character training is administered by the environment created and the opportunities offered. Our mission is to enable the all-round development of children in an enriching learning environment. Schools with a vision along with education-conscious parents must work hand in hand to ensure that the child turns into a learner for life. More applied forms of intelligence are supposed to be inherent in the student to make him a vibrant innovative personality.

We encourage our young minds to develop their creative genius not only through academic proficiency but also by focusing on a holistic approach leading to motivation, where mind and body work in optimum synchronization and gaining of knowledge appears both pleasurable and profitable giving birth to self respecting individuals. The emphasis is to develop a scientific, tolerant and self empowered attitude besides honing the right-brained creative skills in our children. We continue to ensure that our children grow up with strength, sincerity and wisdom adopting a judicious path ahead.

We are exhorting to make TJIS a place of paramount innovation which will help our students win accolades wherever they go. It fills us with immense pride when we watch our talented youngsters imbibed with character, personality, life values and vocational skills. We strongly assert our belief in gearing up confident optimism leading to resilience and determination which definitely influences the life success of an individual.

Our larger aim is to aid in value added education which makes sure that the parents beam with pride on seeing their progeny bloom in to mature nexgen citizens from gullible innocent teenagers illuminated by the radiance of their exact and glorious deeds.

We eagerly look forward to prepare our children for a larger and fuller experience that paves the way for a transition following the perfect art of living. I earnestly hope that this rapport of ours will go a long way in opening more vistas of cooperation and goodwill.

I have big shoes to fill and big dreams to achieve. My wish is that we - my team and I - can work harder every day to serve you better, keep the soul of TJIS alive and make it welcoming to all who take strides towards its burgeoning welfare. And for this, I seek your good wishes so we can continue the good work that was started by my predecessors more than a decade ago. We renew our vows to stay true to the TJIS spirit at The Jain International School, Kanpur.

May the Almighty guide us in shaping the destiny of our future generations from concept to conclusion.

Warm Regards
M. K. Panda

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