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1. Write the qualities about any famous person’s character ,life ,awards(whole  

     biography) (on an interleave comment sheet and there should be pictures and it should be creative).     ( 20 to 25 pages)

2.  Learn synonyms and antonyms and the tenses table from the grammar book.

3.  Do the exercises of Adjectives, Pronoun , Prepositions , Conjunction in the

     grammar book. 




1& viuh  ikB~; iqLrd & lqugjh /kwi ds ikB& 5] 6] 7] o 8 dks i<s+a vkSj mu lHkh ikB ds dfBu

   ‘kCnksa dks viuh x`gdk;Z dh dkWih esa fy[ksaA 

2& Hkkjr ds izeq[k n’kZuh; LFyksa dh tkudkjh izkIr djrs gq, muds fp= desaV ‘khV ij yxk,¡ vkSj

   muesa ls fdUgha nks n’kZuh; LFky dh izkIr tkudkfj;ksa dks desaV ‘khV ij fyf[k,A





1-Write biography on any five Indian Mathematicians. Also make a collage of different mathematician on comment sheets.

2-When is National Mathematics day celebrated and why? Write a short note on it.

3-Do the given wok sheet in class wok notebook.   





Do the given wok sheet in class wok notebook. 


Do the given wok sheet in class wok notebook. 



1-Search and write information about green and white revolution in your biology notebook.

2-Search ,write and paste pictures of five animals found in Corbett NP, Kanha NP, Kanziranga NP, Periyar NP and Bharatpur bird sanctuary in your scrapbook

3-Write about 5 methods of food preservation. Paste pictures of food items related to that method in your biology notebook.




1-Make a presentation on the life and livelihood of the various tribes in modern times.

2-Collect information about types of rainwater harvesting practiced in India.( Do in comment sheets)


3-Collect picture of machines used in agriculture and write few lines on each one of them.( Do in comment sheets)

4- Make a model on non-conventional sources of energy like windmill or solar cooker.




Make a presentation on any five inspiring IT icons and their achievements (eg-Bill Gates Sundar Pichai etc)


Make a presentation on the topic networking and its types.


Do page number 29 and 31 in art book and complete the given craft work.


Do the given wok sheet in class wok notebook. 






SUBJECT: Chemistry            CLASS: VIII                   CH: Metals and Non metals, Animal & Synthetic Fibres                                                                       

Answer the following question in one word

1. The fibres that we get from plants and animals?

2. Two Raw materials used to make Synthetic Fibres?

3. Huge molecules consisting of long chain of small molecules?

4. A regenerated fibre which is also called as artificial Silk?

5. Raw material used in making Rayon?

6. A synthetic fibre whose name is derived from Newyork and London?

7. A polymer of ester is called as?

8. A synthetic fibre resembles with wool?

9. A property of synthetic fibre because of which it is not allowed to wear near fire?

10. A material that can be moulded in different Shapes?

11.  Fibres made by the combination of Polyester and Cotton?

12. Raw material used to make Plastics?

13. A type of plastics which can maintain its shape and size at a very high temperature?

14. A type of plastic that can be moulded and reformed repeatedly?

15. A plastics used to pack liquid?

A16. A plastic used for covering electric wires?

17. Elements can be classified into as?

18. Give one examples of each of Metals, Nonmetals and Metalloids

19. Plastic used as a substitute of Glass?

20. Elements that forms positive ions?

21. Elements that forms negative ions?

22. Rocks containing minerals are called?

23. Give examples of  two Noble Gas.

24. Best conductor of electricity?

25. Arrangement of metals in decreasing reactivity?


1. Rayon is comfortable to wear in summer

2. Socks and Stocking are made from nylon

3. Polyester used to make pants and shirts

4. Switches Plugs and electrical fitting are made from BAKELITE

5. Plastics have become a serious and worldwide environmental and health problem. 








SUBJECT-PHYSICS                                                                                                        Class-VIII

Q1) What is force? Write its unit.

Q2)What is contact force? Explain with example.

Q3) What is non contact force? Explain with example.

Q4) How can you increase the friction?

Q5) How can you decrease the friction?

Q6) Write advantages of friction.

Q7) Write disadvantages of friction.

Q8) Write differences between sliding friction and rolling friction.

Q9) Write differences between mass and weight.

Q10) What is fluid friction? How it is useful and how it is harmful?

Q11) How can you reduced fluid friction?

Q12) Write differences between magnetic force and electric force?



SUBJECT-BIOLOGY                                                                                                         Class-VIII 

  1. What is agriculture?                                              
  2. Name two types of crop on the basis of season in which they grow.                                            
  3. Write the correct sequence of agricultural practices.
  4. What is tilling? Name the implement used for the same.
  5. How is leveling helps the soil?                                                      
  6. Write two advantages of seed drill and two disadvantages of broadcasting.

7.  Name three natural methods of soil replenishment.

8. Write 4 advantages of manure and fertilizer.

9.   Why fertilizers are harmful for us and our ecosystem?

10. Name the traditional and modern method of irrigation.

11. Give one word answer:

   a. Big clumps of soil

   b. Father of green revolution

   c. Seeds sown by hands is called

   d. An example of fertilizer

   e. An example of weedicide

12. Name and explain 4 chemicals used to protect the crop.

13.. Define harvesting and implements used for the same.

14. Differentiate between threshing and winnowing.

15. Where we have to store our harvested crop?

16. Mention two factors that damage food grains.

17. What do you mean by the term animal husbandry?

18. Write the steps of animal husbandry.

19. How will you select the healthy seed?

20. What is green revolution?

21. Define the term horticulture. Give two examples

22. Give one word answer:

     a. Implement that is used as both harvester and thresher

     b. Milk giving animals are called

     c. Rearing of honey bees

     d. Outer covering of seeds

     e. Unwanted plants that grow along the crop



CLASS: VIII                                                                 French


Q1. Nommez-

  1. 2 fromages                  ________________________________________________________________
  2. 2 villes                         ________________________________________________________________
  3. 2 montagnes                ________________________________________________________________
  4. 2 fleuves                      ________________________________________________________________
  5. 2 monuments               ________________________________________________________________
  6. 2 vins                           ________________________________________________________________
  7. 2 aéroports                  ________________________________________________________________

Q2. Complétez les phrases.

  1. __________________________ est l’hymne nationale.
  2. __________________________ symbolise la fierté du peuple français.
  3. __________________________ est un voiture français.
  4. L’emblème national est ___________________________ .

Q3. Complétez avec l’article partitif.

  1. Je mange _____________________ sandwich.
  2. Je bois ___________________ jus de fruit.
  3. Elle offre _________________ fleurs à Sophie.
  4. Il achète ____________ oeufs, ___________ sucre et _______________ fromage.
  5. Tu bois _________________ thé ou ________________ café?

Q4. Conjuguez les verbes.

  1. Je ____________________ (finir) la leçon.
  2. Les pommes ________________________ (rougir) vite.
  3. J’_______________________ (écouter) la radio.
  4. Les fruits _________________________ (grossir).
  5. Elle ______________________ (parler) anglais.
  6. Tu ______________________ (finir) le devoir.
  7. Manuel _____________________________ (choisir) un livre.
  8. Nous ________________________ (aimer) le coca.
  9. J’ _______________________ (habiter) à Delhi.
    1. Les élèves ________________________ (obéir) leurs parents.
    2. Vous _________________________ (réussir) à l’examen.















                           THE JAIN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, KANPUR

                                                                          CLASS – VIII      

                                                            MATHEMATICS WORKSHEET            


  1. The product of two rational numbers is (-28/27).If one of the numbers is (-4/9), what is the other number?                                                                               
  2. Express each of the following rational numbers in standard form:                                                                                         i).-12/-930         ii).56/-60       iii).-24/-36         iv).-14/77                                   
  3. Find three rational numbers lying between 3 and 4.                                                                  
  4. Find the cost of 17/5metres of cloth at Rs.257/4 per meter.
  5. The sum of two rational numbers is (-5). If one of them is (-13/6), find the other number.      
  6. Find the area of rectangular park which is 183/5m long and 50/3m broad.
  7. The difference between two numbers is 9476567.If the smaller number is 6873547, find the greater number?
  8. One litre of petrol costs Rs.257/4.What is the cost of 34 litres of petrol?         
  9. The product of two fractions is 48/5.If one of the fractions is 66/7, find the other fraction?

10.  At a cricket match 2/7 of the spectators were in covered place while 15000were in open .Find the total number of spectators?

11.  Find the largest number of 2 digits which is a perfect square.

12.  What number should be added to (-3/5) to get (2/3)?

13.  Find two rational numbers lying between (-1/3) and (1/2)?

14.  Find the largest number of 5 digits which is a perfect square.

15.  Divide the sum of 65/12 and 8/3 by their difference.

16.  What number should be added to -7/8 to get 4/9?

17.  What number should be subtracted from -2/3 to get -1/6?

18.  The sum of two rational numbers is -2. If one of the numbers is -14/5, find the other number?

19.  Find the least square number which is exactly divisible by each one of 8, 9 and 10.

20.  Find the least square number which is exactly divisible by each one of 6, 9, 15 and 20

21.  Find the greatest number of 5 digits which is a perfect square? Also find the square root of the following number so obtained.

22.  1225 plants are to be planted in a garden in such a way that each row contains as many plants as the number of rows. Find the number of rows and the number of plants in each row?

23.  Find the square root of 66049 by long division method.

24.  Find the square of the following using diagonal method:    i).39    ii). 527     iii).72   iv).689

25.  Find the least number of 6 digits which is a perfect square. Also find the square root of the number.

26.  What least number should be subtracted from 7250 to get a perfect square? Also find the square root of this perfect square.




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