A Visit to Kanpur Zoological Park (8th December, 2017)

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A Visit to Kanpur Zoological Park (8th December, 2017)


     The students of Grades P.G. to II visited ‘Kanpur Zoological Park’ accompanied by seven teachers on 8th December, 2017. Everyone entered the Zoological Park and came across a beautiful lake in which some water-birds like ducks were swimming. Seeing the white ducks on the smooth surface of water was a charming sight. As they moved, they came to the enclosure in which flying birds (fowls) were kept. They ranged from stork, ducks, crane, macaw, cocktail, rose-ringed parrot, budgeria, grey partridge, white peacock, silver pheasant, emu. The birds were chirping. It was an enchanting music. Everyone enjoyed it very much.

     In the next enclosure were lions, leopards, tigers and white tigers, whose roaring were deafening. Their fierce looks were frightening. In one of the corners, bonnet monkeys and baboons were jumping. Their tricks and pranks were very pleasing. Some people threw food grains to them and they immediately jumped down the trees in order to eat them.

     The children also saw the black bear which attracted a mammoth gathering. The bear played many tricks which thrilled the spectators. Some people offered him eatables which he gulped at once. After seeing this, they also saw a variety of snakes like bamboo pit viper, python, red sand boa snake, Indian rat snake. Other animals which were roaming here and there were hippo, rhino, zebra, nilgai or blue bull, deer and reindeer.

     The zoological park was so vast that it was very difficult to see all the departments and enclosures fully. After taking a round of the zoo, the children relaxed for some time in a cool and beautiful garden inside the zoo. The fragrance of the flowers was tremendously soothing. Then, they had some snacks and drinks which refreshed them, after which they boarded the bus.


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