Winter Holiday Homework (2015-2016) Class-VII

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                       Winter Holiday Homework (2015-2016)

                                      Class - VII



English -        


  1. Do the given worksheet in C.W. Notebook.
  2. Learn the poem “Daffodils”



Hindi   -           Do Q/A and activity of Chapter ‘Chetak’ in C.W. note-book.



Maths             -          Do the given activity  on page no- 146 and problems of chapter 9 mental   test in C.W. Note – book.



Science -         Do the given worksheet in C.W. Note - book.


S.St     -          


  1. Map work page number 158 and 176
  2. Learn Question answer of Chapter – Natural Vegetation and Wild Life.


English- Worksheet


  1. The following passage has one word omitted in each line. Put a / and write the correct word in the blank given on the right-

            Hunting with camera                                                              __________________________

            as I said before one of the finest                                                        ___________________________

            sports and one the greatest thing                                            ___________________________

            in its favour is it involves                                                        ___________________________

            no killing cruelty, nor it should                                                           ___________________________

           any rate. It gives trophies                                                         ___________________________

           that are far beautiful  than any obtained with                         ___________________________

           the rifle. They are trophies one can show                                ___________________________

           with  pleasure and pride, for they  have  cost of  life.                         ___________________________

  1.  The given passage has not been edited. Write the incorrect word along with the correct word in the blank given on the right .

a)      Shyam is healthy than Ram.

b)      Smoking is injury to health.

c)       Taj Mahal is famous for it beauty.

d)      I am wait for the train to arrive.

e)      She was real happy to see her friends after a long time .

f)       I can go  home . It am not raining now.

g)      Try if you will manage some time to come for the party.

h)      Tomorrow night ,I saw a dream.

i)        Sabina’s English is very good so she cannot speak well.

j)        Nisha  wera in a great problem.


  1. Join the given pair of sentences  with appropriate conjunctions-

a)      I will help him. He asks me.

b)      My pet dog is very cute. It is very intelligent .

c)       This  laptop is expensive. It is useful.

d)      He knows. I am coming home.

e)      Rahul could not meet the Principal . He was busy in a meeting .

Subject: Science Worksheet


1. Why an athlete feels breathless after running a long race?

2. What is a diaphragm? What is its importance in our body?

3. Why fish die when taken out of water?

4. What is the difference between aerobic respiration and combustion?

5. How do plants and animals live in water?

6. What is the role of oxygen in our body?

7. Write the function of trachea, lungs, bronchioles and alveoli.

8. Mention the function of RBC, WBC and blood platelets.

9. What would happen to a living body if it did not get rid of its wastes?

10. Draw the flow chart in detail how blood flows in our body.    


  1. What is food web   ? What is its important?
  2. How is forest important to us?
  3. How do forests purify air?
  4.  How many types of forest are found in India? Discuss?
  5. Mention 5 ways by which water is polluted?
  6. What happens to sludge?
  7. What does the word SULABH SANITATION   means, discuss its role?
  8. How do faulty sewer lines increase the risk of water borne disease?
  9. Is incarnation a better option than burning of wastes? Discuss?

10.  Do you think you will find too much waste in a forest? If not, why?                                                    


1. An instrument used to measure wind direction.

2. Give two characteristics of wind?

3. Why we cannot see a source of light through a bent tube?

4. Why a convex mirror is used as a dentist’s mirror?

5. Which lens always produces a diminished image?

6. Name a safety device used to prevent an overflow of electric current?

7. Name a material used to make filament of an electric bulb?

8. Name a device used to open or close an electric current?

9. Name the Rain bearing clouds that blow from the ocean to the land (during a particular season)?

10. Name the low pressure area at the centre of a cyclone?


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