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music is the embodiment of one’s soul. When one is performing; he isn’t just singing- he’s becoming it...”

Music and child brain development are closely linked. By singing in competitions, kids learn life skills. They become self assured and understand that if they want something worth having, they have to work hard at it.

Its normal to get a stage fright, but more the stage experience a performer gets, the better they learn to handle those nerves and learning to conquer nervousness as a child, provides a fantastic Life Skill that comes in handy in all manner of scenarios, throughout life. Being prepared to compete in this way shows resilience and ability that gives those investing in that talent, the confidence to do so.

Keeping in mind the virtue of confidence and importance of healthy competition amongst peers- “Semi Final of Voice of TJIS- English” was organised at The Jain International School on 7th September, 2019.

The experienced and well trained Music Department handed over the stage to contestants, who already had racked up experience in the previous singing competitions of the same year.

The competition was indeed a tough one and the students categorised under Groups A, B and C gave a neck to neck competition to their fellow participants. All the singers were briskly brushed and crisply rehearsed and their performances spell bounded the entire gallery of audience.

The performances of the budding singers were adjudged by our adept Jury Members Mrs Jyoti Johari, Mrs Supriya Singh, Ms Pooja Sharma and Mrs Nida Iqbal on the parameters of Melody, Rhythm, Improvisation and Purity of Form, Pronunciation and Overall Presentation.

The following contestants were successful in making a safe place in the Finals-

Group A- Kanak Tewari, Aarav Mishra, Tavish Mehrotra and Yuvraj Singh

Group B-Shivantika Gupta, Aayan Siddiqui, Riya Kalra and Saumya Singh

Group C- Aastha Patel, Gunjan Saxena, Akanksha Panda and Anya Patel

Honourable Principal Mr. M.K. Panda and Head Mistress Senior Mrs. Deepa Singh glorified the auspicious event with their benign presence. The special Guest of Honour Mrs. Anoo Panda concluded the event with her melodious voice and words of inspiration and encouragement followed by session of group photographs.

In terms of competition, the event turned out to be a real Biggie! It was very well organized by Yellow Tigers. and successfully anchored by Raghav Verma and Shreya.

“There’s nothing better than live music. Its raw energy, feeds the soul.”

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