‘EXOTICA’ – THE EXHIBITION – 2019 On Saturday, 10th August, 2019

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On Saturday, 10th August, 2019

 At The Jain International School, Kanpur



On August 10, 2019 The Jain International School, Kanpur took up one more step at the educational journey. The students of The Jain International School organized ‘Exotica- The Exhibition - 2019’ where the students left no stone unturned in proving that we put in every single effort which is required for the individual holistic development of our students.

It was an exotic day full of knowledge imbibed in young minds, garnished with brilliance and served on the platter of teamwork. To the right of the exhibition arena it began with the evolution of humankind, embarking visitors to a world 63 million years ago, The Age of Dinosaurs’; importance of double-helical structure of DNA to the modernization in the age of biotechnology. Talking about evolution is one thing and survival is another’; With this thought in mind the students displayed a remarkable set up of e-commerce, business, banking, finance and whatever keeps the pace of life running.

Language- a vital element to communicate, elevated the concept of understanding with the pronunciation skills, parts of speech, figures of speech and the river of up gradation in the history of Hindi, English as well as French that led a message- Language is a real way of putting emotions in words.

The survival of life on one of the eight planets with a huge ball of fire that illuminates the dull ball at night too - is a reality or virtually a miracle’ - the history of historians and excavations all was solved at the Social Science zone. To the left was a mystery of Chemistry that inlaid the beakers and funnels with the oozing purple colour as titration proceeded. In Physics- the gems to be physicists, exhibited working models from the working of hydraulic motor to the laser light security. The popping up of zero to the theorems everything left the onlookers spellbind.

An ode to the recent mission of ISRO- CHANDRAYAAN 2 and The Robot War made everyone believe that the pace of development has gradually but ultimately turned to the fourth gear. Every meal is considered incomplete if the dessert is not served; hence the cherry on the cake was served by the aesthetically magnificent Art Zone.

The exhibition commenced with the inaugural ceremony that witnessed the presence of the Honourable Managing Trustee Mr. Kapil Agarwal, venerated Principal Mr. M.K. Panda, Guest of Honour Mrs Anoo Panda, Senior Headmistress Mrs Deepa Singh and Junior Headmistress Mrs Rekha Singh. The elite guests visited each and every corner of the Exhibition Arena and motivated and appreciated the efforts put in by teachers and students and found the meticulous detailing eye-catching.

The Exhibition was followed by the PTM. The report for the first quarter was given to the parents. The parents were informed about the latest measure taken i.e. the Teno App..

Overall the day was a mellifluous amalgamation of technology, civilization, literature, language and art.

“Education is a key to be civilized and different ways viz. theory to practical, individual teaching to group learning are ways of learning

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