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Name: ___________________________




1 Describe a place that you visit during the summer vacation, things you like there, your experience, description about a famous spot if any (on an interleave comment sheet, it should be creative limit 5-10 pg) At the end the conclusion should be there.

2. Learn antonyms and synonyms from the book.

3. Do exercise of Adjectives, Prepositions and Conjunctions in your book.

4. Bring articles for school magazine.




1& viuh  ikB~; iqLrd & lqugjh /kwi ds ikB& 5] 6] 7] o 8 dks i<s+a vkSj mu lHkh ikB ds dfBu ‘kCnksa          

   dks viuh x`gdk;Z dh dkWih esa fy[ksaA

2& viuh  ikB~; iqLrd & meax fgUnh O;kdj.k esa i`”B la[;k& 155 ls 157 ij nh xbZ dgkfu;ksaa dks   

   if<+, o muesa ls tks dgkuh vkidks lcls vPNh yxh mls vius 'kCnksa esa desaV ‘khV ij fy[ksaA 




  1. Make a project on how to make a treasure chest with a 3-digit password.

(source of help can be you tube)

  1. Write 20 important facts about Mathematics.
  2. Do the given worksheet in class work notebook.





  1. Paste piece of 7 fabrics used for making different types of clothing in your scrap book.
  2. Write 3 adaptive features of both plants and animals found in polar region, desert, mountain region, tropical rain forest and ocean region. Paste related pictures in your science notebook.
  3. Paste 7 pictures or staple 7 sample of source of carbohydrates, fats, protein, vitamins and minerals in your scrap book.




Collect and paste the pictures of the pillar and rock edicts issued by Ashoka in a scrap book also give a short description about it.(Do in comment sheets)


Make a list of Festivals celebrated by the followers of the various religions of India. Paste pictures related to it and write short paragraph about each (Minimum eight, do in comment sheets).Make a model on the settlement inhabited by the earliest people. Use clay to make stone tools and natural objects to create caves, grasses, trees, bushes etc.



Make a presentation on any five inspiring IT icons and their achievements (eg-Bill Gates, Sundar Pichai etc.)


Search and find out what is artificial intelligence and write a short note about it in computer notebook.


Do page no.26, 28, 30 in your art book.

Complete the given craft work.


  1. Do the given worksheet in class work notebook.


CLASS: VI          French

Q1. Nommez. (Name them.)

  1. 2 fromages      _______________________________________________________________
  2. 2 vins               ________________________________________________________________
  3. 2 monuments   ________________________________________________________________
  4. 2 musée           ________________________________________________________________

Q2. Complétez les phrases. (Complete the sentences.)

  1. France s’appelle aussi ___________________________ .
  2. __________________________ est la monnaie européenne.
  3. __________________________ aussi s’appelle la Ville Lumière.
  4. Le drapeau français est ____________________ ,_________________ , _________________.
  5. La fête nationale est ___________________________.


Q3. Écrivez en français. (Write in French.)

  1. see you soon         ________________________    
  2. g. hello                     _________________________
  3. Good evening      ________________________  
  4.   h. Good bye   ______________________________
  5. girl                        ________________________ 
  6.    i. Please                 ________________________
  7. God morning        ________________________  
  8.   j. Mr.          ______________________________
  9. Madam                 ________________________  
  10.   k.Good night ______________________________
  11. How are you?       __________________________


Q4. Écrivez en anglais. (Write in English.):

  1. Désolé                         ________________________________________________           
  2. un garçon                    ________________________________________________
  3. frère                             ________________________________________________
  4. À demain                    ________________________________________________
  5. Enchanté                     ________________________________________________
  6. Bienvenue                   ________________________________________________
  7. Bonne journée             ________________________________________________
  8. excusez moi                 ________________________________________________
  9. Prdonnez-moi              ________________________________________________
  10. pas mal                        ________________________________________________


Q5. Écrivez les nombres. (Write the numbers.):

  1. 6          ____________________________    i.  20  _________________________________
  2. 2          __________________________        j.  13  _________________________________
  3. 14        _________________________          k. 15  _________________________________
  4. 9          __________________________        l.  17  _________________________________
  5. 12                                                                    m. 5     _____________________     
  6. 7. ________________________________   n.  3   __________________________
  7. 10        _____________________________  o. 16  _________________________________
  8. 11        ____________________________    p.  8   _________________________________





SUBJECT-SCIENCE                                                                                              CLASS: VI


  1. A mixture where the various constituents of the mixture can be easily seen is called _________
  2. Substance used for loading
  3. Conversion of water into vapour is called ______
  4. Liquid that dissolve in water is called _____ whereas which do not dissolve is called ___-
  5. _____ is process of pouring out the liquids without disturbing the sediments.
  6. Solid substance that dissolve in water or liquid are called___
  7. A solution in which no more solute can be dissolve is called ___
  8. A substance made by mixing other substances together is called____
  9. ____ is an example of homogeneous mixture

10.  Smallest particle of any substance is called___

11.  Immiscible liquids are separated by ____

12.  Which method is used to separate a) stones from rice or wheat

b) Wheat bran from flour

c) Iron pieces from sand

d) Chalk powder and water

e) Salt from salt solution

f) Cream from milk

g) Chaff from grain

h) Juice from fruit pulp

i) Sulphur and iron fillings

j) Clean water from muddy water

13. How salt is made from sea water?

14. What is a mixture ?

15. What is a need to separate the components of a mixture?

16. What is threshing and winnowing?

17. How will you make saturated solution?

18. Define the term element and compound

19. What do you mean sedimentation?

20. Define condensation and one natural phenomenon based on this process.

21. Why it is said not to sieve the wheat flour?

22. What is solubility? On which factor does it depends on?

23. Give two examples from everyday life which shows filtration process

24. What will happen if we mix kerosene, water and honey?

25. When we use hand picking method of separation?

26. Name two factors on which sieving depend?















                                                                              CLASS – VI                  

                                                           MATHEMATICS WORKSHEET


  1.  Write each of the following in words.                                                                                                                     i).7,07,075        ii).9,99,999               iii).1,23,456
  2. Arrange the following in ascending order.

3903216, 19430124, 864572, 5125648                                                               

  1. How many 7 digit numbers are there in all?                                                                                
  2. How many whole numbers are there in between 1032 and 1209?
  3. Find the difference between the place value and face value of 8 in 897568430.                       
  4. Arrange the following in descending order.

190909, 1808088, 16060666, 16007777

  1. The difference between two numbers is 9476583.If the smaller number is 6873547, find the greater number?
  2. The cost of a steel almirah is Rs.22875.What is the cost of 465 such almirahs?
  3. What is the successor of 678345?

10.  The total population of a city is 28756304.If the number of males is 16987059, find the number of females in the city.

11.  Write all the three digit numbers using 2, 3, 4 taking each digit only once.

12.  What comes just before 9900000?

13.  Express each of the following numbers as a Roman numeral:  i).137         ii).236      iii).174     iv). 400

14.  Round each of the following to nearest hundred:    i).795     ii).43126   iii).3869     iv).1254

15.  The product of two numbers is 504347.If one of the numbers is 317, find the other number?

16.  A car moves at a uniform speed of 75km per hour. How much distance will it cover in 98hours?

17.  Find the difference between the smallest number of 7 digits and the largest number of 4 digits?

18.  The product of two numbers 13421408. If one number is 364, find the other number?

19.  The mass of a brick is 2kg750 gram. What is the total mass of 14 such bricks?

20.  If 36 flats cost Rs.68251500. what is the cost of each such flats?

21.  Ravi opened an account in a bank by depositing Rs.136000. Next day he withdrew Rs.73129 from it. How much money was left with him?

22.  Find the product of largest 3 digit number and largest 5 digit number using distributive property.

23.  Find each of the following product :     i).30674×9    ii).4578×99      iii).123×999

24.  Write the smallest and largest numbers using each of the digits 1, 4,6,8,0 only once and find their sum and difference.

25.  On dividing 59761 by a certain number, the quotient is 189 and the remainder is 37.Find the divisor?

26.  Find the largest 6 digit number exactly divisible by 80?




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