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1.Read a book and on a comment sheet. Write the name of the book, author, genre, and thing you like about the book and things you don’t, Bibliography, Conclusion(on an interleave comment sheet and there should be pictures and it should be creative)     ( 15 to 20 pages)

2.Learn the formation of words and Words that often confuse.(from the book)

3.Do the exercises of Adjectives,Prepositions and Conjuctions in the grammar book.




1& viuh ikB~; iqLrd &lqugjh /kwi ds ikB& 5] 6] 7] o 8 dks i<s+a vkSj mu lHkh ikB ds

   dfBu ‘kCnksa dks viuh x`gdk;Z dh dkWih esa fy[ksaA

2& fgUnh lekpkj i= ;k if=dkvksa esa ls dqN dgkfu;k¡ i<+s vkSj muesa ls fdUgha pkj dgkfu;ksa

   dh dfVax desaV ‘khV ij fpidk,¡ o mUkls feyus okyh f’k{kk fy[ksaA 




  1. Make a project on how to make calculator by using cardboard.
  2. Write biography of any three foreigner mathematician. Also make a collage of different mathematicians on comment sheets.
  3. Do the given worksheet in class work notebook.













Do the given worksheet and make a project on transfer of heat.


Do the given worksheet



1. Write three adaptive features of both plants and animals found in polar region, desert mountain region, tropical rainforest region and ocean region. Make collage.

2. Make model on any one topic-human respiratory system(roll no. 1 to 3), digestive system(roll no. 4 to 7) human heart(roll no. 8 to11 ) and human excretory system(roll no. 12 to 15)

3. Search, paste and write information about the instrument used to find weather element like- maximum minimum thermometer, hygrometer, rain gauge, barometer and anemometer


1. Find out the names if all nine gems in Akbar’s court and write a brief description.

  1. Write down the characteristics features of any four monuments of your chapter. (Do in comment sheet)


  1. Make a tabular chart of some of the main political parties, their symbols and mention whether they are national, regional or local parties. (Do in comment sheet)
  2. Make a model to show deforestation./ Make a model showing Volcanic Eruption.


Do page number 29 and 31 in art book and complete the given craft work.




Make a presentation on any five IT icons and their achievements (eg. Bill gates, Sundar Pichai etc)    


Search and find out what is Cyber Crime and write a short note about it in computer notebook. 


Do the given worksheet





                                                           HOLIDAY HOMEWORK (2019 - 20)

 SUBJECT: Chemistry                   CLASS: VII                                     CHAPTER: Metals and Non Metals

Answer the following question in one word:

  1. The number of atoms present in the molecule of an element?
  2. A substance made up of only one type of an atom?
  3. Smallest part of an element or compound which can exist independently?
  4. Symbolic representation of compound is called?
  5. Smallest part of an element that take part in a chemical reaction?
  6. Combining capacity of an element or group is called…..
  7. The particle that revolve around the nucleus of an atom?
  8. Positive charged particle present in the centre of an atom?
  9. The number of electrons present in the outer shell of an atom?

10.  Element that can exist independently are called?

11.  Element containing two atom in a molecule

12.  A group of atom exists alone?

13.  Scientist who name atom?

14.  Scientist who first suggested symbol?

15.  Element or compound that takes part in a chemical reaction?

16.  A substance that formed by mixing two or more compound in any ratio?

17.  A____________ is formed by  chemical combination of two or more compound

18.  _________ ,_____________ and _______________ are called subatomic particle

19.  The properties of a compound are different from its __________________

20.  The electrons in the outer most orbit are called as __________________

21.  When an atom looses electrons it bears  ________________- charge and if it gains electrons it bears ___________

22.  We use _________________ to represent elements

23.  We can write a formula of compound if we know ____________ and ______________ of its elements and groups

24.  In a chemical reaction number of atoms on RHS should be___________ to the LHS

25.  A chemical equation shows the result of ___________ and _________________  














SUBJECT-PHYSICS                                                                                                           CLASS: VII

Q1) Convert 800 in to 0F .

Q2) At which temperature value of 0C and  0F will be equal?

Q3) Describe structure and function of thermos flask.

Q4) Explain see breeze and land breeze with diagram.

Q5) Why do we wear dark color clothes in winter?

Q6) Do an experiment to prove that in liquid heat is transferred through liquid.

Q7) Write differences between clinical thermometer and lab thermometer.

Q8) Write differences between conduction, convection and radiation.

Q9) What are insulators? Explain with examples.

Q10) Why do we wear light color clothes in summer.

Q11) Make a list of conductors and insulators used in daily life.

Q12) What is thermometer? Explain various types of thermometer.

Q13) How does heat moves through air?

Q14) Write units of temperature measurement.

Q15)  what is the normal temperature of body?



SUBJECT- BIOLOGY                                                                                                        CLASS: VII

  1. What is nutrition?                                                
  2. Define the term photosynthesis.                                      
  3. Write the reaction involved in photosynthesis.
  4. Write 4 conditions required for photosynthesis.
  5. Name the type of 2 plant tissues and its functions.                                                         
  6. Name all the heterotrophic nutrition found in plants.
  7. What are saprophytes?
  8. What are lichens?
  9. Why some plants eat insects instead of having green colour leaves?

10.  Name two insectivorous plants.

11.  What is symbiosis?

12.  Name 5 nutrients required by the plants.

13.  What are parasites? Give two examples.

14.  Explain symbiotic nutrition with the help of example.

15.  Give one word answer:

     a. Rhizobium converts atmospheric nitrogen into        b. World’s largest flower

     c. One example of saprophyte                                     d. Trophs means

     e. Non-green plants are also known as

16.  Draw and write about stomata.

17.  What do you mean by the term autotrophic nutrition?

18.  Write an experiment to show the process of transpiration.

19.  Draw the diagram to show the photosynthesis process

20.  Give one word answer:

   a. Green pigment present in leaves   b. Chemical used to remove the green pigment of leaves

   c. Chemical used to test the presence of starch   d. Bacteria present in root nodules of leguminous plants

   e. Name one leguminous plant





CLASS: VII        French

Q1. Nommez.

  1. 2 fromages                  ________________________________________________________________
  2. 2 vins                           ________________________________________________________________
  3. 2 monuments               ________________________________________________________________

Q2. Complétez les phrases.

  1. __________________________ est l’hymne nationale.
  2. __________________________ est la capitale de la France.
  3. __________________________ est la monnaie européenne.
  4. Le drapeau français est ____________________ ,_____________________ , __________________ .

Q3. Écrivez en français.

  1. hand          __________________________            h.mouth             __________________________
  2. hair            __________________________            i. arm                 __________________________
  3. shoulder    __________________________            j. knee                __________________________
  4. lips             __________________________            k. stomach         __________________________
  5. foot           __________________________            l. teeth               __________________________
  6. eye             __________________________            m. class              __________________________
  7. finger         __________________________            n. forehead        __________________________

Q4. Conjuguez les verbes.

  1. Nous    _______________________ (visiter)             f. Elle _________________________ (regarder)
  2. Ils        _______________________ (parler)              g. Celine _______________________ (marcher)
  3. J’         _______________________ (aimer)              h. Manuel ______________________ (tomber)
  4. Liza     _______________________ (écouter)           i. Nous    _______________________ (étudier)

Q5. Conjuguez.

  1. adorer                                                                          c.  finir

____________________________________            ____________________________________

____________________________________            ____________________________________

____________________________________            ____________________________________

____________________________________            ____________________________________

____________________________________            ____________________________________

____________________________________            ____________________________________


  1. choisir                                                                          d.  rougir                                                           

____________________________________            ____________________________________

____________________________________            ____________________________________

____________________________________            ____________________________________

____________________________________            ____________________________________

____________________________________            ____________________________________

____________________________________            ____________________________________









  1. Subtract:   i).9 from 4   ii).(-8) from 5     iii).7 from (-6)    iv).(-9) from (-5)
  2. The sum of two integers is (-11).If one of them is 9, find the other.                                                                                                    
  3. Find 7/50 of a litre.                                                                                                                  
  4. What must be subtracted from (-7) to obtain (-15)?
  5. What is the multiplicative inverse of 29/8?
  6. The difference of an integer p and (-8) is 3. Find the value of p.
  7. What is the value of additive inverse of (-6).
  8. By what number should (-240) be divided to obtain 16?
  9. What should be divided by (-7) to obtain 12?

10.  Evaluate:     i).98÷14     ii). (-48)÷(-16)      iii).(-336)÷(-21)

11.  Find each of the following product:                                                                                                                         i).12x16                                                                                                                                                                                 ii).(-8)x(-14)                                                                                                                                                                                                                  iii).(-25)x(-19)

12.  What should be added to 38/5 to get 18?

13.  Convert each of the following into mixed fractions:                                                                                                                          i). 38/7   ii).47/15    iii).189/16

14.  Define the following terms:                                                                                                                                                   i).Like fractions    ii).Vulgar fractions    iii). Decimal fractions

15.  Find the area of rectangular park which is 125/3 meter long and 93/5 meter broad?

16.  By what number should 56/9 be multiplied to get 40?

17.  The product of two numbers is 95/6. If one of the numbers is 19/3, find the other?

18.  A car runs 16km using 1 litre of petrol. How much distance will it cover in 11/4 litres of petrol?

19.  If the cost of a notebook is Rs.31/4, how many notebooks can be purchased for Rs.279/4?

20.  A book contains 216 pages. During last week Vikas read 3/4 of a book, how many pages did he read?

21.  Sana earns Rs.12000 per month. She spends 7/8 of her income and deposits the rest of the money in a bank. How much money does she deposit in a bank?

22.  The cost of a pen is Rs.83/5 and that of a pencil is Rs.19/4 .Which costs more and by how much?

23.  A film show lasted for 11/3 hours. Out of this time 3/2 hours was spent on advertisements, what is the actual duration of the film?

24.  Each side of a square is 17/3cm. Find the area of a square?

25.  A rectangular sheet of paper is 63/4 metre long and 25/2 meter wide. Find the perimeter of a Rectangle?

26.  Simplify:                                                                                                                                                     i).36/17×65/9×85/52.                                                                                                                                  ii).2/3×5/44×33/35.                                                                                                                                iii).10/27×28/65×39/56                                                                                                                       iv).12/25×15/28×35/39




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