Freedom in mind, Faith in Words, Pride in our Heart, Memories in our souls, Let’s Salute the Nation on REPUBLIC DAY 70th Republic Day Cum Sports Day

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Freedom in mind, Faith in Words,

Pride in our Heart, Memories in our souls,

Let’s Salute the Nation on REPUBLIC DAY 

70th Republic Day Cum Sports Day Celebrations


At TJIS, Kanpur

Saturday, 26th January, 2019

The cool winter morning of 70th Republic Day, 26th January, 2019 was wrapped in melodious National Songs at The Jain International School to honour the date on which the Constitution of India came into effect, i.e., on 26th January 1950, replacing the Government of India Act as the governing document of India. Republic Day honours the day when India became a Sovereign, Secular and Democratic Republic. This day symbolizes the unity of the nation as people from different castes, creed, religions and regions come together to celebrate with the pride of being an Indian.


The lively morning commenced with the ritual of Flag hoisting by the Principal, Mr. M.K. Panda, Junior Headmistress Ms. Rekha Singh and Senior Headmistress, Ms. Deepa Singh followed by the National Anthem. Thereafter the four houses led by their Captains paid salute to the National Flag. This was followed by National Songs by the Choir Groups. The Primary students gave their performance on a drill with Nandini Awasthi (III) on hover board. The soulful speeches by Mansi Manwani of Class IX-A, Harshita, Kopal Agarwal (V) and Parnita Katiyar (V) infused the spirit of nationalism and patriotism in the students.The Quiz conducted by Ms Shivani Bahl was very informative.

Principal Sir, in his address, congratulated the audience on the occasion of 70th Republic Day and urged the students to respect their country, its constitution and work with full dedication towards their aim in life for the betterment of their country.

The day was celebrated as the Sports Day and the students from Classes Pre Primary to Class 12th showed their competence by participating in different races designed for them by their teachers and Sports Department. World of Animation for the Little Champs was very exciting. On the other hand in Cord Combat the seniors did not leave a single stone unturned to combat their opponents.

Tanishtha Roy of Class XI-S and Ashmit Dwivedi of Class XI-S along with their teacher, Ms. Nargis Kapoor held the reigns of the entire programme very skillfully.

The winners of the races were felicitated by Principal Sir, Junior Headmistress and Senior Headmistress.

The winners were as follows:-





Names  Of The Races And Winners


Names Of The Races And Winners


Animals And Their Food

Class VII & VIII (Girls)

100 Meter Race


1st – Jay Singh (L.K.G.) & Navdrone Singh (I)


1st - Gunjan Saxena (VIII-B)


2nd – Aradhya Agarwal (U.K.G.) & Sukant Katheria (P.G.)


2nd - Akanksha Panda (VIII-B)


3rd - Siddhi Yadav (U.K.G.) & Advit Gupta (Nur.)


3rd - Unnati Gupta (VIII-A)

Class I & II

Three Legged Race

Class VIII (Boys)

100 Meter Race


1st - Yuvraj Singh (II) &

Arav Saxena (II)


1st - Aryan Gupta (VIII-B)


2nd - Arjun Yadav (I) &

Aryawardhan Singh (II)


2nd - Maulik Arora (VIII-B)


3rd - Kartik Singh (II) &

Ahaan Tiwari (II)


3rd - Devanshu Krishna (VIII-B)

Class III

Lemon Race

Class IX (Boys)

100 Meter Race


1st - Suryansh Tripathi & Shashank Kumar


1st - Adarsh Rajput (IX-B)


2nd - Ranveer Singh Yadav &

Rajul Rastogi


2nd - Adarsh Patel (IX-B)


3rd - Aehsas Gupta &

Vansh Prajapati


3rd - Madhavan Dubey(IX-A)

Class IV & V

Balloon Race

Class IX (Girls)

100 Meter Race


1st - Kopal Agarwal (V) &

Parnita Katiyar (V)


1st - Mansi Manwani (IX-A)


2nd - Aayan Siddiqui (V) &

Arnav Katiyar (V)


2nd - Shivangi Rajbhar (IX-B)


3rd - Aashvi Gupta (IV) &

Sanvi Yadav (IV)


3rd - Alice Chaudhary (IX-B)

Class VI (Girls)

100 Meter Race

Class X (Boys)

100 Meter Race


1st - Ayushi Gautam (VII-B)


1st - Parth Devoliya


2nd - Kritika Verma (VII-A)


2nd - Anurag Gupta


3rd - Kratika Singh (VII-B)


3rd - Shubh Tiwari

Class VI (Boys)

100 Meter Race

Class XI & XII (Girls)

Musical Chair


1st - Naman Adiani (VI-A)


1st - Unnati Gupta


2nd - Anshuman Tiwari (VI-A)


2nd - Tanya Gupta


3rd - Mithlesh Yadav (VI-B)


3rd - Roshini Yadav

Class VII (Boys)             

100 Meter Race

Class XI-XII (Boys)

Winner Team Of Cord Combat


1st - Sachin Yadav (VII-A)


1st - Class XI


2nd - Umesh Yadav (VII-A)




3rd - Ayush Yadav (VII-A)




The eventful day concluded by ‘Vote of Thanks by Junior Headmistress Ma’am. Ma’am congratulated the winners of different races and all behind the successful Republic Day Celebrations.


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