An Inter House Model United Nations (IHMUN) - 2018 At TJIS On Dec. 01, 2018

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Inter House Model United Nations

"Creating future diplomats, imbibing tacts, promoting parliamentary procedures are utmost as the Young Generation is here to be the torchbearer."

An Inter House Model United Nations (IHMUN) -  2018


On Dec. 01, 2018

Best Delegates were Shauraya Sharad Shukla, Tanishtha Roy, Suryansh Omar and Mansi Manwani

On Dec 01, 2018 The Jain International School proudly organized middle and higher introductory Inter House Model United Nations. The Jain International School IHMUN instituted to educate students about public speaking, debate, diplomacy, problem-solving, persuasive writing and teamwork.

The conference officially commenced with the opening ceremony at 9:30 a.m. and was then followed by speaking and discussion that the delegates processed. The honourable Principal Mr. M. K. Panda declared the event open.The delegates, with confidence had learnt the basics of Parliamentary Procedure, Resolution and Position Paper Writing and Public Speaking. There was a noticeable change in the students’ demeanour as they opened to the session of debate. Shedding their laid back attitudes and instead donning a professional and serious manner, they transformed into delegates who represented the countries as well as renowned world leaders. The delegates caught on actively, made motions, gave eloquent speeches and exercised impressive diplomacy during caucuses.

The awards presented in closing ceremony were well deserved.Honourable Principal, Senior and Little Champs Headmistress felicitated ‘The Best Delegate’ and ‘High Accommodation Delegates’. The delegates made the situations seem real, which made it more interesting and fun. The Results were as follows:

  1. I.                   LOK SABHA
    1. 1.      BEST DELEGATE – Shaurya Sharad Shukla
    2. 2.      HIGH ACCOMMODATION– Prakhar Raj Chandel and Ashutosh Vashishtha


    1. 3.      BEST DELEGATE – Tanishtha Roy
    2. 4.      HIGH ACCOMMODATION – Prakhar Yadav and Vinit Laddha


    1. 1.      BEST DELEGATE – Tanishtha Roy
    2. 2.      HIGH ACCOMMODATION – Apekshapatel and Unnati Gupta


  1. IV.             CRISIS COMMITTEE
    1. 1.      BEST DELEGATE – Mansi Manwani
    2. 2.      HIGH ACCOMMODATION – Raghav Verma and Shaurya Gupta


At this conference, the students learned about the importance of coming together to achieve a common goal in the true spirit of the United Nations. The Jain International School IHMUN delegates modeled the importance of diplomacy creating an atmosphere not of individual competition, but of group understanding and overall improvement. After leaving no stone unturned, IHMUN 2018was an immense with a wonderful experience. The Jain International School is proud to spread enthusiasm for their introductory Model United Nations to the young audience. TJIS team is yet eager to host one in the coming session.

Keep soaring highTJIS ! Keep up  your HIGH SPIRITS!



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