Inter House English Choir Competition At TJIS, Kanpur On 6th October, 2018

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“God sent his Singers upon earth

With songs of sadness and of mirth,

That they might touch the hearts of men,

And bring them back to heaven again.”

Inter House English Choir Competition

At TJIS, Kanpur

On 6th October, 2018

The winners were as follows:- 

In Group A - Blue Panthers bagged the 1st position

followed by Yellow Tigers, Green Leopards and Red Jaguars. 

In Group B - Yellow Tigers bagged the 1st position

followed by Blue Panthers & Green Leopards who both had a tie

and Red Jaguars secured the 3rd position. 

In Group C - Blue Panthers bagged the 1st position

followed by Yellow Tigers, Red Jaguars and Green Leopards. 


“Words make you think. Music makes you feel. A song makes you feel a thought.”


Music, which has now become the soul of TJIS in its harmony, is bringing out the many characteristics of the musical-ethics which is absolutely evident. Unlike the past, TJIS had once again raised the bar high by putting up an outstanding Inter House English Choir Competition. The Music Department had significantly evolved, thus shaping itself to create interests and activity amongst the students. It had produced fine Choir’s over the years, this was obvious in the Inter House English Choir Competition on 6th October, 2018. It was the most awaited day for every House Teacher who put every effort into this yearly event with a hope of outshining each other and performances of the past.


Students love this extra - curricular activity which moulds their inbuilt musical talent which expands their tastes and interests, along with their academic demands. Music was in the air throughout the event, it was fascinating to witness all the four Houses of each Group – A, B and C who put up quite a magnificent performance and each one was outstanding and kept the audience enthralled.


The musical morning concluded with the announcement of the result by the Principal, Mr. M.K. Panda who appreciated the efforts put in by the staff and the students in making the event a grand success.


Tanishtha Roy and Madhav Gupta held the reins of the entire programme very successfully till the end. Blue Panthers hosted the programme meticulously. The Musical morning concluded with the declaration of results by Principal Sir.


The overall result was as follows:-














Blue Panthers


Yellow Tigers  

Blue Panthers



Yellow Tigers  

Blue Panthers & Green Leopards

Yellow Tigers  


Green Leopards


Red Jaguars

Red Jaguars


Red Jaguars


Green Leopards











“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.”





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