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 ENGLISH: Complete the worksheet given. Along with the revision of the chapters from English communicative. MATHS: Complete sheets and revise chapter -1,8 and 9 from R.S Aggarwal,(Real number, Trigonometry and Height and distance). SCIENCE: PHYSICS: Do the back exercise of N.C.E.R.T (Electricity). CHEMISTRY: Do the given worksheets. BIOLOGY: Do the given worksheets. SOCIAL STUDIES: Combined worksheet of S.St (including economics) and revise CH-4 HISTORY,CH-1 GEOGRAPHY,CH-1 CIVICS & ECONOMICS CH-1 HINDI: ” ‘ HAPPY HOLIDAYS _ THE JAIN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, KANPUR CLASS -X MATHEMATICS (2018-19) CH: REAL NUMBER AND TRIGNOMETRY 1. If the product of two numbers is 1050 and their HCF is 25, find their LCM. 2. What is a composite number? 3. If a and b are relatively prime then what is their HCF? 4. Show that there is no value of n for which (2n x 5n ) ends in 5 5. The LCM of two numbers is 1200. Show that the HCF of these numbers cannot be 500.Why? 6. Simplify: (2√45 + 3√20) / 2√5. 7. Six bells commence tolling together and toll at intervals of 2, 4, 6 , 8, 10, 12 minutes respectively. In 30 hrs, how many times do they toll together? 8. If sinθ = √3/2, find the values of all trigonometric ratios of θ. 9. If cosθ = 7/25, find the values of all trigonometric ratios of θ. 10. If sinθ= a2 – b 2 / a2 + b2 , find all values of trigonometric ratios of θ. 11. If cosθ = 0.6, show that (5sinθ – 3tanθ) = 0. 12. If tan 2A = cot (A-210 ),where 2A is an acute angle then find the value of A. 13. If sec5A = cosec ( A - 30⁰), where 5A is an acute angle then find the value of A. 14. Prove that sin (70⁰ + θ) – cos (20⁰ - θ) = 0 15. If 2 sin2θ = 3sinθ,prove that θ = 30⁰.I 16. If 2x = secA and 2/x = tanA, prove that (x2 -1/x2 ). 17. If √3tanθ = 3sinθ, prove that ( sin2 θ – cos 2 θ) = 1/3. 18. If x=asinθ+ bcosθ and y = acosθ – b sinθ, prove that x2 +y2 = a 2 – b 2 . 19. Prove that ( sin 32⁰ cos 58⁰ + cos 32⁰ sin58⁰) = 1. 20. Prove that (1 + sinθ)/(1 – sinθ) = (secθ + tanθ)2 . 21. Prove that 1/√3 is irrational number. 22. Prove that 3√5 is irrational number. 23. Prove that ( 3 +5√2) is irrational number. 24. Show that ( 5 - 2√3) is irrational number. 25. Prove that √3 is an is an Irrational number 26. Show that every positive odd integer is in the form of (4q+1) or ( 4q+3)for some integer q. 27. Show that 4+3√2 is an Irrational number. 28. Show that one and only one out of n, (n+2), and (n+4) is divisible by 3,where n is any positive integer. 29. Prove that tan1⁰ tan2⁰ tan3⁰ ……tan89⁰ = 1. 30. Prove that cot12⁰.cot38⁰.cot52⁰.cot60⁰.cot78⁰ = 1/√3. THE JAIN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, KANPUR HOLIDAY HOMEWORK (2018 - 19) CLASS: 10th SUBJECT: Chemistry CHAPTER: Chemical reaction and equation Answer the following question 1. What is a balanced chemical equation? Why should chemical equation be balanced? 2. What do the symbols ↓ and ↑ indicate in a balanced chemical equation? 3. Give one example of a chemical reaction characterized by the change in temperature? 4. What is a precipitate? Give one example. 5. What is the burning characteristic of magnesium ribbon? 6. What is the valancy of lead in lead nitrate? 7. What is the chemical formula of quick lime and name the product formed when reacts with water? 8. What is the formula of crystalline ferrous sulphate? 9. What is the other name of ferrous sulphate? 10. Why decomposition reaction of water is called electrolysis of water? 11. A solution of a substance X is used for white washing (a) name the substance X and write its formula(b) write the reaction of a substance X named in (a) above with water 12. Identify the substance that are oxidized and the substance that are reduced in the reaction (a) 4Na +O2→2Na2O (b) CuO +H2→Cu + H2O 13. What happens when dilute hydrochloric acid is added to iron fillings? 14. What does one mean by exothermic and endothermic reactions? Give examples. 15. Why respiration is considered an exothermic reaction? Explain. 16. Why do we apply paint on iron articles? 17. Oil and food containing items are flushed with nitrogen. Why? 18. Explain the following terms with examples of each (a)corrosion (b) Rancidity 19. Why do most articles become dull when exposed to air? 20. How can you chemically remove the black coating of copper oxide? 21. Name two anti oxidants which are usually added to fat and oil containing food?

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