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NAME: …………………………… CLASS-IX

ENGLISH: 1) Do the given worksheet in the Class Work Note Book. 2) Revise the chapters taught from Beehive and Moments. MATHS: Complete the given worksheet and revise Chapters – 1 & 2 (Number System and Polynomials) from N.C.E.R.T and R.S Agarwal. PHYSICS: Do the given worksheets in the Class Work Note Book. CHEMISTRY: Do the given worksheets in the Class Work Note Book. BIOLOGY: Make notes of Animal Tissue & Draw related diagrams in the Class Work Note Book. SOCIAL STUDIES: Do the given worksheet in the Class Work Note Book and revise HISTOY- CH-1, CIVICS- CH-1, GEOGRAPHY- CH-1 & ECONOMICS-CH-1. HINDI: 1. fdlh egkiq:”k dh thouh fy[kdj muds thou ls D;k lh[k feyrh gS] fy[kks o egkiq:”k dk fp= Hkh fpidk,¡A ¼x`gdk;Z dh dkWih esa) 2. o`{kkjksi.k fo”k; ij lekt dks tkxzr djus ds fy, ,d vkd”kZd iksLVj cuk,¡A _________________________________________________________________ SUBJECT: Chemistry Answer the following question 1. What is a matter? 2. What is matter made up of? What is the name of these particles? 3. What are the physical states of matter? 4. What does increase in pressure leads to formation or melting of ice? 5. Why vaporization is a surface phenomenon? 6. At what temperature vaporization takes place? 7. Can solid have vapour phase? 8. What is sublimation? 9. How can we boil water at room temperature? 10. Why does ice floats over water? 11. Why do we feel cool after applying shave lotion or perfume? 12. Why does evaporation cause cooling? 13. Convert 300 k into Celsius scale and -10 c into Kelvin scale 14. Name the property of due to which it is possible to fill in cylinders for using as a fuel? 15. Why does the smell of hot cooked food reach you several meters away within seconds? 16. Give reasons to explain why it takes longer to dry wet clothes in humid weather? 17. Why gases are compressible but not liquid? 18. How does water kept in earthen pot becomes cool during summer? 19. Define the terms sublimation? Write the names of any two substances which sublime? 20. Give two factors that affect the rate of evaporation? 21. Which of the following is matter? Chair, air, love, smell, hate almond, thought, cold, cold-drinks, smell of perfume. 22. Explain the following (a) gasses exerts pressure on the walls of the container (b) water is liquid at room temperature (c) evaporation causes cooling 23. Wax is heated in a china dish. How will the following change during heating (a) kinetic energy of the particle (b)inter particle distance 24. You are provided with a mixture of naphthalene and ammonia chloride by your teacher .Suggest an activity to separate them with well labeled diagram. THE JAIN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, KANPUR CLASS – IX ENGLISH LANGUAGE (2018-19) Holiday Homework a. Fill in the blanks with the help of appropriate words given in the brackets: There are several ways to deal ……1……. (in / with / to) the tendency to procrastinate. Break ……2…… (off / out / down) the task into manageable pieces and knock them ……3… (out / off / up) one at one time. Focus ……4…… (at / on / over) accomplishing what’s right in front of you ……5……… (in / at / on) this moment. Planning ahead ……6… (of / for / to) the next year may seem overwhelming for some people. So take just one day ……7…….. (in / at) a time. Don’t look any further ahead ……8……. (than / then) that. Set a time frame ……9……. (to / for) accomplishing the task. You’ll be surprised – just by thinking ……10………(across / through / along) and planning you’re setting ……11……. (you / yourself) to accomplish the goal unconsciously and you may even beat your own deadline!We know how important writing is ……12…… (for / to / with) goal setting. It is equally important to ……13……. (beat / beating) procrastination. b. A teacher motivates and inspires her students. Write an article in about 120-150 words talking about the and importance of teachers in our lives. The title of the article can be- The Importance of Teachers in Our Life. c. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow. Mohan Siroya runs an advertising agency. That is what he does to earn his bread and butter. But his passion is consumer activism. Siroya has spent the last two decades taking on government and private-sector giants on behalf of thousands of aggrieved consumers. He operates from a tiny cubicle in the busy Mukund Nagar on Andheri –Kurla Road. In the last two decades he has sent thousands of missives to sundry civic bodies, public and private sector banks, the railways, cooking gas agencies, garment manufacturers, malls, cops and courier firms. The letters are usually in the form of an SOS on behalf of the aggrieved. There is a method in Siroya’s mission. When he receives a complaint, he approaches the authorities concerned with the grievance. He then waits for a few weeks. And if no action is taken by then, he sends the same complaint to newspapers as letters to the editor. Siroya has published over 3,000 letters to the editor and is also the vice-president of the All-India Letter Writer’s association. Before he established his full t 0 10 50 THE JAIN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, KANPUR HOLIDAY HOMEWORK (2018 - 19) SUBJECT: MATHS CLASS: 9th 1. Rationalize the denominator of the following: I. √ √ √ II. √ √ 2. Simplify: √ √ √ √ √ √ 3. In each of the following find rational numbers a and b: I. √ √ √ √ √ II. √ √ 4. If (√ √ ) √ √ then find the value of [ ( )] 2 5. If √ √ √ √ √ √ . Find a, b and c 6. Insert two rational number and two irrational number between √ and√ . 7. Insert three irrational numbers and three rational number between 5 and 7. 8. The sum of two numbers is 9 and their product is 20. Find the sum of their: I. Squares II. Cubes 9. If a+ b+ c =p and ab+ bc+ ca =q, then find the a2 +b2 +c2 . 10. The difference between two positive numbers is 4 and the difference between their cubes is 316. Find: I. Their products II. The sum of their squares. THE JAIN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, KANPUR HOLIDAY HOMEWORK (2018 - 19) SUBJECT: PHYSICS CLASS: 9th !1. Derive all three equations of motion. . 2. Define following terms – (A)Acceleration (B)Velocity (C)Displacement (D)Retardation. 3.Write four differences between distance and displacement. 4.A driver decreases the speed of a car from 25m/s to 10m/s in 5seconds.Find the acceleration of car. 5.Draw graphs for velocity Vs time for uniform acceleration and uniform retardation. 6.Study the velocity time graph & give answer of following questions – (A)What type of motion is represented by OA ? (B)What is acceleration from O to A ? (C)What type of motion is represented by AB ? (D)What is retardation from B to C ? 30 A B 20 Velocity (m/s) 10 C Time(sec) THE JAIN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, KANPUR SOCIAL SCIENCE (2018-19) CLASS – IX HOLIDAY HOMEWORK _____________________________________________________________________________________ ECONOMICS 1. Write two differences between each of the following with examples- a) Fixed Capital and Working Capital b) Land and Capital c) Multiple Cropping and Modern Farming Method. 2. What are H.Y.V seeds? Write its one merit and one demerit. 3. What are modern farming methods? 4. What in meant by Green Revolution. Name any two states which were first to try out the modern farming methods in India. 5. How far do you agree that the distribution of cultivated land is unequal in Palampur. HISTORY 1. Define History. 2. When and where was the French revolution begins. 3. Explain the period of Reign of Terror. 4. What were the six causes of French Revolution 5. Explain the term ‘Third Estate’. Who wrote the influential pamphlet called ‘What is Third estate’. GEOGRAPHY 1. Define Geography. Who is known as the father of Geography? 2. Which latitudinal line divides India into approximately two equal parts? . 3. What is the Standard Meridian of India and where does it passes? 4. Why Indian Ocean named after country? Give reasons. 5. What is the importance of Suez Canal? CIVICS 1. List 5 countries in world which are not democratic? 2. Prepare a list of ministers with associated ministries 3. Prepare a list of division of members of parliament as per their seats in lok sabha? 4. Prepare a flowchart of Indian government system.

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