A Visit to the Orphanage By students of TJIS, Kanpur On Saturday, 17th

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“If you cannot feed a hundred people, then just feed one” - Mother Teresa

           A Visit to the Orphanage

                             By students of TJIS, Kanpur


Saturday, 17th February, 2018

Succeeding the words once sermonized by one of the greatest saints of India, Mother Teresa, the seven sisters are looking after The Shishu Bhawan - ‘A Missionary of Charity’, a secure shelter for the orphans in Kanpur, for many years. They have showered their love, blessings to the needy, downtrodden cocoons of God.  

Twenty three students accompanied by three teachers visited the Shishu Bhawan. In a recent visit they found some new friends who are blessed to be loved by seven mothers under one roof. This place is an abode of 50 children, their 7 mothers and 20 caretakers. The students were received by them with open arms. Our students lavishly distributed chocolates, sweets and gifts among them. In return our students received a contented heart, a happy soul and beautiful smiles on their faces.

Out of curiosity a student asked a nun there, about the parents of those children. She satisfied the query of the little ones by telling her how they had found those children. The children there have somehow lost their parents. But as destined, that something fortunate was in store for them they were found by the JRP Police. The JRP then sent the children to Children Welfare Committee from where they are sent to the Shishu Bhawan. This organization has 20 centers running all over Uttar Pradesh. It provides shelter to the children till they are at the age of 12. After that they are sent to an NGO.  The head office of this helping organization is at Kolkata which looks after the funding. It runs on donation and other financial aids as well. Since then the children either stay there till they are 12 or are taken back by their biological parents.        


‘Appreciate what you have, since you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s taken away from you……… that’s when it is too late’



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