Orange Day – Juicilicious! (12th December, 2017)

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Orange Day – Juicilicious! (12th December, 2017)

“Yummy and juicy, squeezy and mushy

Oranges are like sunshine

makes you fresh and energetic”


The pre-primary of the Little Champs celebrated the ‘Orange Day’ on 12th December, 2017. The event was celebrated to acquaint the little cherubs with the concept of colour and objects related to it.


     To mark this special day, the students and teachers were also dressed in orange. The corridor was beautifully decorated according to the theme with pumpkin creepers, orange balloons and orange aquatic animals like seahorse, octopus and orange fish. They recited the rhyme ‘We Love Orange’ with actions. They participated in a craft activity in which they made a pumpkin with paper. This activity was based on fine motor skills which further strengthened the orange colour recognition.

     The little ones enjoyed their day to the fullest by playing many games like ‘Rabbit Race’, and ‘Who Will Peel the Orange First?’ The children had a lot of fun playing such games.

     This event was an excellent way to teach kids, the importance of the colour and the things related to it. With this method of teaching, the children grasp better as they understand things. 

     They also learnt the recipe of orange tang. The day concluded with a party wherein they relished juicy oranges and orange tang. The tiny tots were extremely excited to carry home a handmade orange lollipop as a return gift.


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