A Workshop on “Team Building” for Teachers (12th August, 2107)

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A Workshop on “Team Building” for Teachers (12th August, 2107)


"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." 

     A Workshop on “Team Building” was organized by the Headmistress of the Little Champs, Ms. Soumee Sarkar for all the teachers of TJIS on Second Satuday, 12th August, 2017. She explained that humans have four behavioural tendencies to help us characterize people which are – Outgoing, Reserved, Task-oriented and People-oriented. Everyone has some of all four of these tendencies at different times and in different situations. Thus, four basic personality traits emerge which are as follows:-

  • DIRECTOR (Outgoing and Task-oriented) : person who is focused on getting somewhere fast
  • SOCIALIZER (Outgoing and People-oriented) : person who is energized by all the interaction
  • PEACEMAKER (Reserved and People-oriented) : person who reacts calmly and tries to get along regardless
  • ANALYZER (Reserved and Task-oriented) : person who focuses on being correct and accurate and also analyze according to the situation


     Then she took the Elevator Test in which she divided all the teachers into six groups of six teachers each. She narrated a story in which all the four personality traits had come and all the groups were supposed to decide the end of the story by a presenter who would creatively depict it by means of a chart paper. Her goal was to energize teachers in a facilitated learning by doing, very interactive format that would leave them with a renewed spirit of unity, accountability, optimism, enthusiasm and most of all, smiles! It was really true that she succeeded in her goal as this fun and challenging team building exercise was not our typical teacher in-service program but everyone was thrilled in performing this task.

 "Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."


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