Mango Shower Raseela Party (8th May, 2017)

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Mango Shower Raseela Party (8th May, 2017)

    To give a cool feeling in scorching heat and to pump up the excitement of summer vacation, the Little Champs of TJIS organized ‘Mango Shower Raseela Party’ for toddlers. It was a perfect day to celebrate the season of the king of fruits “MANGO” with a fun-filled learning opportunity in the form of a Mango Party.

    The aim of organizing the event was to impart all information related to mangoes in a fun way. The “Mango Party” mania was kicked off at the appointed time by the teachers who introduced a wide array of information about mangoes, their varieties- dussehri, safeda, chausa and langda. The children touched, smelled, and held the mangoes in an attempt to distinguish one from the other. They were quite excited and eager to know more about mangoes and their kinds. They were also told a story which was based on mangoes. The presentation of an assortment of mangoes and information about them was not only informative but interesting for the children.

     The children also played two games. The first game was ‘Yummylicious’ in which the children were supposed to eat mangoes kept in a plate with their hands at the back. There were two rounds in this game. The winners of both the rounds were Mohd. Jaziel Nadeem and Nav Drone of Grade U.K.G. The second game was ‘Hide and Seek’ in which the children had to find the hidden mango bite toffees kept in a large serving bowl of sand. Its winner was Aradhya Agarwal of Grade L.K.G. All the winners got Mango Fruity as a gift.

    Having thoroughly enjoyed the day, the children consumed ‘mango juice, mango toffee and aam panaa’. They left the school wearing cut outs of different varieties of mangoes and also wore a ‘crown of a king’ as mango is the ‘king of all the fruits’. As a reminder of the fun-n-learn mango party, they had enjoyed immensely at the Little Champs.


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