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 CLASS-XI Science


ENGLISH:  1. Complete the given two Grammar Worksheets.

                      2. Read the novel ‘The Canterville Ghost’.



PHYSICS:  Do the given work sheet.


CHEMISTRY: Do the given work sheet.

BIOLOGY:  Write all the experiments in your lab manual.

MATH:  Do the given work sheet.


PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Complete Physical Education practical work explained in class.


COMPUTER SCIENCE: Given program sheet to be completed



FASHION STUDIES: collect samples of different type of Fashion and threads.


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CLASS- XI (2016-17) 

SUB: PHYSICS                     WORKSHEET-                         SUMMER HOLIDAY HOME-WORK  


Q-1.The moon is observed from two diametrically opposite points A and B on earth. The angle θ subtended at the moon by the two directions of observation is 1054΄. Given the diameter of the earth to be about 1.276 x 107m. Compute the distance of the moon from the earth. [Ans. 3.84 x 108m]

Q-2.The sun’s angular diameter is measured to be 1920”. The distance D of sun from the earth is       1.496 x1011 m. What is the diameter of the sun? [Ans.1.39 x 109m]

Q-3.The parallactic angle subtended by a distant star is 0.76” on the earth’s orbital diameter (1.5 x1011). Calculate the distance of the star from the earth. [Ans. 4.072 x1016m]

Q-4.The frequency of vibration ‘n’ of a stretched string is a function of tension in the string (T),the length (l) and mass per unit length (m). Prove that- n α1/l √(T/m).

Q-5.When a body falls from rest under gravity, the velocity ‘v’ is given by Kgahb, where ‘h’ is the distance fallen through, ‘g’ the acceleration due to gravity and K ,a and b are constants. Show by a consideration f the dimension involved, that v= K√(gh).

Q-6.Assuming that the mass M of the largest stone that can be moved by a flowing river depends on ‘v’ the velocity,’ƍ’ the density of water and on ‘g’ the acceleration due to gravity. Show that the mass M varies with sixth power of the velocity.

Q-7.The equation of state of some gases can be expressed as- (P +a/V2)(V-b) = RT.                                                     Here P= pressure,V=volume ,T= absolute temp., a,b are constants. Find dimensional formula of a/b.         [Ans. ML2T-2]

Q-8.Find the value of 10 joule on a system having 100g, 10cm, and 30 second as fundamental units.[Ans. 9 x106 new unit]

Q-9.A planet moves round the sun in a circular orbit, the time period of revolution T of the planet depends on-(a) radius of the orbit R,(b) mass of the sun M, and (c) gravitational constant G. Prove dimensionally T2α R3.

Q-10.Area of a square is (100±1) cm2. Find its side with error limits.C(10±0.05)cm]

Q-11.A sphere has a mass of (12.5±0.1)kg.The radius of the sphere is (10.00±0.01) cm. Find the percentage error in density. [Ans.1.1% ]

Q-12.Given x=(2y2/z). The % error in y and z are 1% and 2%. Find the %error in x.[Ans.4% ]

Q-13.A student measured the diameter of a thick wire using a micrometer screw gauge. He recorded the readings as 0.258 cm, 0.262 cm, 0.251 cm, 0.256 cm, 0.264 cm, and 0.254 cm. Calculate (a) mean value of diameter, (b) mean absolute error, (c) % error.[Ans.(a)0.258cm(b)0.004 cm(c)1.55% ]

Q-14.A heavenly object is observed, using telescope, from diametrically opposite points on the Earth. The parallax subtended an angle of 3.5”. Calculate the distance of the heavenly object from the Earth.(Given that the diameter of the Earth is 1.276 x 107 m.)[Ans.7.5 x 1011m]

Q-15.Mass of an empty balloon is (76.034±0.001) g. When filled with hydrogen gas, the mass of the balloon becomes (77.378±0.001) g. Determine the mass of hydrogen gas filled in the balloon.[Ans.(1.344±0.002) g]

Q-16.Describe the parallelogram method of vector addition.

Q-17.A particle first undergoes a displacement of 4 m due east and then a displacement of 5 m in north-east direction. Find the magnitude and direction of the resultant displacement by vector method.[Ans.8.3 m, 250 N of E]

Q-18.Prove that |Ax B|+ (a.b)2 = a2b2.

q-19.The maximum and minimum values of the resultant of two forces acting at a point are 17 N and 7N respectively. Find the magnitude of the resultant when two given forces act at a point in mutually perpendicular directions.[Ans. 13N]

Q-20.Find the angle between the vectors A and B, if |A x B|=|A.B|. [Ans.450]           


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CLASS- XI (2016-17)

SUB: MATHEMATICS                 WORKSHEET                                   SUMMER HOLIDAY HOME-WORK


Using mathematical induction solve   

1. 23n -1 is divisible by 7

2. 12n+ 2. 5n-1 is divisible by 7

3. 10n +3.4n+2 +5 is divisible by 9

4. 3.22 + 32.23 + 33. 24 + ………… + 3n.2n+1 =  ( 6n -1 )

5. For any natural number n , 7n – 2n is divisible by 5


6. Find the values of x and y if   = i

7. If z1 and z2 are 1- I and -2+4i respectively , find imz  

8. Find the argument of  

9. Express i-35 in a+ib form

10. Find Multiplicative inverse of

11. solve for x and y (x+iy )( 2+3i) =  

12. Express in polar form

         a) 1+     b) 2+2i   

13. Find the modulus of (2-i)2                          

14. Find the square root of 

    a)  4-3i           b) -7+4i

15. solve z+2 =          

16Find the value of x and y for which the complex number -3+ix2y and x2+y +4i are conjugate of each other   , given x , y                               

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CLASS- XI (2016-17)

SUB: ENGLISH               WORKSHEET                                  SUMMER HOLIDAY HOME-WORK


The following passages have not been edited. There is an error in each of the lines against which a blank is given. Write the incorrect word and the correction in the space provided.

1. Owls spends most of their time in the                            a) ___________

dark and has an acute sense of                                           b)___________

hearing. They can detect there prey just                             c)___________

by hear them move in the complete darkness.                    d)___________

Owls have two ears, one on neither side                            e)___________

of a head. They also have                                                   f)____________

a dish like structure at the                                                  g)____________

face what is made up of feathers                                       h) ____________


2.Mother Teresa comes to Kolkata in 1929                        a) _____________

Where she was hardly 19 years old. When                        b) _____________

She first arrived in Kolkata, she just has                            c) _____________

Five rupees on her pocket. The priest                                 d) _____________

Helped it in the new and strange city.                               e) _____________

She lived in a small room from                                           f) _____________

Nine years where he nursed                                               g) _____________

A sick people back to health                                              h) _____________

2. Read the following passages carefully and select the most suitable option from each list according to the corresponding number in the passage:

A) (i) Longer before Newton, Aristotle and Galileo(ii) have  done a lot of research on the subject of gravity. Aristotle  stated(iii) this a heavier object falls on the earth faster than a lighter one. Legend has proved it that Galileo discovered  this theory by throwing down objects (iv)of different weight from the Leaning Tower of Pisa and(v) prove  that it took  practically the (vi) correct  time to hit the ground.

i) a) Short                b)Long                                    c)Ages                        d)Time

ii) a) has                  b) had                          c)has                            d) did

iii) a) than               b)then                          c)that                           d)the

iv) a) with               b)in                              c)at                              d)on

v) a) provided         b)proved                      c)provision                 d) product

vi) a) likely b)exact                        c)same                         d)proper


B) The Band-Aid was (i)invent in New Jersey. Dickson fretted as his wife Josephine cut herself again  and again while working in the kitchen. One day when he(ii) were  wrapping his wound once again  (iii)on a bulky bandage of gauze and tape, he (iv)gets an idea. He put some gauze on a strip(v) by medical tape and Band Aid was born. The Band Aid has celebrated (vi)their 75th birthday.

i) a)invente              b)invention                  c)started                      d)ended

ii) a)was                  b)had                          c)has                            d)did

iii) a)of                    b)in                              c)with                          d)from

iv) a)gave                b)have                                     c)has                            d)got

v) a)with                 b)of                             c)and                           d)in

vi) a)there               b)themselves               c)its                             d)his

C) The police (i)have  announced a reward of Rs. one lakh (ii)of  information about the prime suspect  in the triple murder case (iii)on a couple and (iv)there eight years old child. The suspect is about 40 and walks (v) of a limp. When last seen, he (vi) were wearing a black suit with a red and white checked shirt. Someone who has information about the man should immediately inform to the nearby police station.

i) a)had                   b)has                            c)was                                       d)did

ii) a)for                    b)in                              c)with                                      d)at

iii) a)of                    b)for                            c)in                                          d)at

iv) a)they                b)their                          c)of                                          d)in

v) a)in                     b)at                              c)around                                  d)with

vi) a)is                     b)has                            c)was                                       d)had


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CLASS- XI (2016-17)

SUB: ENGLISH               WORKSHEET                                  SUMMER HOLIDAY HOME-WORK

Q1. In the passage given below, some words are missing. Choose the correct word from the given options to complete the passage meaningfully.

The first test tube baby turtle (a) ___________ born last month in California. The story began (b) _________ a broken turtle egg (c) _________ on the seashore. Scientists (d) __________ to work carefully bringing up (e) ___________ baby turtle which has now (f) ___________. this winter the turtle (g). ___________ be returned (h) ___________ the sea.

(a) (i) was born                   (ii) were born               (iii) is born                   (iv) are born
(b) (i) where                        (ii) which                     (iii) when                     (iv) who
(c) (i) is find                        (ii) was found             (iii) are finding            (iv) found
(d) (i) get                            (ii) are getting              (iii) gets                       (iv) have got
(e) (i) a                                (ii) an                           (iii) are                         (iv) the
(f) (i) have grown               (ii) is grown                 (iii) grown                   (iv) are grown
(g) (i) might                        (ii) could                      (iii) must                      (iv) would
(h) (i) to                              (ii) at                           (iii) in                           (iv) into

Q2. Using these notes complete the paragraph describing the famous Indian author R.K. Narayan by choosing from the given options.
R. K. Narayan l Birth-October 10, 1906, Chennai l Occupation-novelist, short-story writer l Father-headmaster l Brother-famous cartoonist, R.K. Laxman l Married-Rajam in 1939 l Notable work(s)-Swami and Friends l Died-May 13, 2001 (aged 94)

The famous novelist and short-story writer R.K. Narayan (a) …………………………………… His father (b) ……………………………………….. . His brother (c) ………………………… R.K. Laxman. In 1939 he married Rajam. One of (d) ………………………………………… Swami and Friends. He died on May 13, 2001 at the ripe age of ninety four.

(a)       (i) was born in Chennai on October 10, 1906 (ii) born at Chennai on October 10, 1906 (iii) were born in Chennai on October 10, 1906 (iv) was born at Chennai in October 10, 1906

(b)      (i) was a Headmaster (ii) was Headmaster (iii) was the Headmaster (iv) is a Headmaster

(c)       (i) is a famous cartoonist (ii) is the famous cartoonist (iii) was the famous cartoonist (iv) was famous cartoonist

(d)      (i) his notable work is (ii) his notable works are (iii) his notable works is (iv) his notable work is


Q3. Look at the words and phrases below. Rearrange them to form meaningful sentences.

Eg. streets /during/ can see/ slogans/ elections,/ supporters/ political parties/ the/ shouting /of/ in / we. During elections, we can see supporters of political parties shouting slogans in the streets.

  1. on foot /  the /  greeting / candidates  / walk / the / even / people


  1. opportunity / they / the / of / catch / shaking hands / anyone / meet / they / with / do not


  1. their problems / people / their / assure / that / they / will / supporters / solve


  1. to cast / votes / they / candidates / urge / them / their / in favour of their


Q4. Read the conversation given below and complete the following passage by choosing the correct option.

Detective    : What were you doing yesterday between 10-10.30 pm?
Bharat                     : I was walking with my dog in the park.
Detective    : Did you meet anyone in the park?
Bharat                     : I saw two men sitting on a bench.

The detective asked Bharat (a) ____________________________________. Manoj replied that

(b) _______________________________________________. The detective then asked Bharat

(c) ____________________________________________________ to which Bharat replied that

(d) ______________________________________________________________________.

Q5. The following passage has not been edited. There is one error in each line. Write the incorrect word and the correction against the correct blank number in your answer sheet. The first one has been done for you as an example.

Incorrect    Correct

The passenger were waiting at                                           e.g. passenger              passengers

 the station when five policemen rushing                           (a) ___________ ____________

into difference compartments of a                                                 (b) ___________ ____________

 train. After sometimes one of them                                   (c)_______________________

comes out with two young men                                         (d) ___________ ____________

and soon another policeman joined her.                             (e) ___________ ____________

The men which had been arrested                                      (f) ___________ ____________

was been caught for a theft.                                               (g) ___________ ____________

They had stealed two cars.                                                 (h) ___________ ____________


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