Hol. H.W. Class 8

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ENGLISH:  – 1) Write a story review of the story ‘Father’s Help’ with creativity under the following

                         headings- (To be done on the comment sheets in a file.  Add pictures if possible)

  1. Title of the Book
  2. About the Author (in 50-60 words)
  3. Main Characters   
  4. Summary   (100-120 words)
  5.  Theme
  6. The character you like the most & why?

2) Learn the given topics (in the class) of public speaking (for 2 to 2.5 min.) to speak in the Morning



MATHS:  1) Solve CCE test paper from Ch. –Square & Square Roots

             2)  Cube & Cube Roots & Playing with Numbers.


        Chemistry: Do the given worksheet (in the class work note book)

        Physics: 1) Do the given worksheet (in the class work note book)

 2) Make a project on the Life of Sir Isaac Newton and his Contribution ( use 4-6 comment sheets and     

        compile in a file)

       Biology:  -1) Write about the discoveries/inventions and biosketch of ‘Father of Green Revolution’

                                 M. S. Swaminathan (in a file)

2) Write the Preservative Method for preserving-jam, jellies, pickles, cereals, squash, green leafy vegetables, fruits, milk, meat, sea food in your CW notebook.


SOCIAL STUDIES:     In your scrap note-book or a chart, show the Classification of Resources.


HINDI:  मई व जून के हिन्दी समाचारों से संबंधित चित्र लगाकर उस समाचार को अपने शब्दों में कमेंट शीट पर लिखें।

प्राकृतिक सौन्दर्य का आनंद लेने के उद्देश्य से रोज सुबह पार्क में भ्रमण करने जाएँ व प्राकृतिक वातावरण का वर्णन अपने शब्दों में कमेंट शीट पर लिखें।     

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CLASS- VIII (2016-17)

SUB: Chemistry                                   WORKSHEET          SUMMER HOLIDAY HOME-WORK

Answer the following questions

  1. 1.      Define Specific Gravity?
  2. 2.      Which elements have Specific Gravity less than one?
  3. 3.      Which elements have low Melting and Boiling Point?
  4. 4.      What is Reactivity Series?
  5. 5.      Differentiate between Metals and Nonmetals?
  6. 6.      Give two uses of each Iron, Copper, Aluminum, Zinc, Metals Sulphur, Phosphorous & Graphite.
  7. 7.      What is Corrosion?
  8. 8.      Give two preventions of Corrosion?
  9. 9.      What is Rusting? What are the ways by which Rusting can be prevented?

10.  What are the conditions necessary for Rusting?

11.  Do Nonmetals react with water?

12.  Name the metal that does not corrode in air?

13.  Name a soft metal?

14.  What is an Alloy? How are Alloys generally made?

15.  Write a short note on Superconductors?

16.  Experimental Investigation (explain the electrical conductivity of metals and non metals)

                   (NOTE: This worksheet will be assessed in FA -2)





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CLASS- VIII (2016-17)

SUB: Physics                              WORKSHEET                       SUMMER HOLIDAY HOME-WORK

  1. In a given situation what does a child do while playing with moulding clay?

a.  lifting

b.  hitting

c.  pulling

d.  pushing

  1. Acting force on a surface is :-

a.  perpendicular to that surface

b.  parallel to that surface

c.  diagonal to that surface

d.  linear to that surface

  1. CGS unit of pressure is :-

a.  Newton

b.  Newton/m2

c.  dyne/cm2

d.  kg/Newton

  1. Which force will act between two charged objects?

a.  gravitational force

b.  electrostatic force

c.  frictional force

d.  muscular force

  1. Match the column :-

a. force                                                             i) non contact force

b. change in object                                            ii) contact force

c. magnet pulling iron pins                                iii) air pressure

d. pulling the window pane                               iv) effect

e. bloating of  tube of cycle tyre                       v) cause

  1. State whether the following statements are true or false :-

a.  The relation between force, pressure and area says: force= pressure x area.

b.  Force cannot make a moving object slow down.

c.  Both water and air will apply equal force in all directions.

d.  With the increasing depth, pressure of liquid decreases.

e.  Weight is due to the earth’s friction acting on an object.

  1. What are the applications of atmospheric pressure of earth?
  2. Describe the force due to which Earth keeps on revolving around the Sun.
  3. Pick the odd word out of the following:

Gravitational, magnetic, muscular, electrostatic, comb rubbed on hair

  1. Write the correct words by putting letters in correct sequence-i) capsal ii) wonten
  2. Fill in the blanks :-

a.  ______ is required to move things.

b.  ______ can stop a moving object.

c.  Moving object has its own force, due to its ______ .

d.  The ______ of an object is the measure of force of gravity produced on it.

e.  To open a car door and get inside we must ______ the door.

  1.   Write the correct words by putting letters in correct sequence-
  2.  car: fuel :: body : ?
  3. weight: Newton :: pressure : ?


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