Sunshine Lemonade Party (11th April, 2016)

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Sunshine Lemonade Party of Pre-primary (11th April, 2016)


      Sunshine Lemonade Party. The cheery words alone just ooze sweetness, don't they?!! And so do each of the delicate details that put into this amazing party!


      This event was created for the pre-primary children of the Little Champs on 11th April, 2016 which was the epitomy of sunshine and happiness. The students sat back and were prepared to soak in the sweetness… where there were lots of delicious drinks heading their way!


     The Sunshine Lemonade Party was an event to introduce that ‘It’s SUMMERTIME!!!’ We are working hard, it’s burning up and there’s nothing better to quench our thirst than good music, good people and a good time. So, in order to embrace the heat and the little tiny tots, we started the summer off right to refresh our passion at the spectacular The Lemonade Stand which was the most impressive element of all, and our favourite, which was constructed. Isn't it amazing?!!


    The students not only learnt the ingredients of lemonade, but also learnt the procedure of making it. They also had a craft activity . They were extremely excited to carry back a head gear of lemonade as a return gift.


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