Winter Holiday Homework (2015-2016) Class-X

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Winter Holiday Homework (2015-2016)

Class - X



ENGLISH – Read the novel “The story of my life ’’ and write a paragraph on your

                       favourite character on a comment sheet (150 – 200 words )

HINDI – Do the given worksheet

SCIENCE – Physics – Complete questions based on high order thinking skills question  

                                    (HOTS) of chapter REFRACTION given at page (229, 242, 248

                                     and 249)

                      Chemistry – Do the given worksheet.

                      Biology – Write a project on power point presentation in the given chapter 7th                    

                                       15th, and 16th in the NCERT book.

MATHS – Do Height and Distance exercise (CCE questions from R.S.AGRAWAL ques.

                   no. 1 to 23 of page 579- 581)

S.St – Do practice of the given maps.


  1. Define combustion?
  2. A gas stove is used in our homes has many tiny holes, Why?
  3.  What is substitution reaction? explain the formation of carbon-tetrachloride
  4. What is addition reaction?
  5. What is hydrogenation of oils?
  6. During oxidation of ethanol alkaline KMnO4 and acidified K2Cr2O7 is used why?
  7. What happens when ethanol reacts with sodium?
  8. What are the uses of alcohol?
  9. Give the chemical properties of ethanoic acid?

10.  What is glacial acetic acid?

11.  How will you distinguish between alcohol and carboxylic acid?

12.  Name the product formed when an organic acid and alcohol react in the presence of acid catalyst. Write the equation and give two uses of the product formed?

13.  Give a test to distinguish between butter and cooking oil?

14.  Why are carbon and its compounds used as fuels for applications?

15.  Two carbon compounds A and B have the molecular formula C3H8 and C3H6 respectively. Which one of the two is most likely to the addition reaction? an organic compound X of the molecular formula C2H4O2 turns blue litmus red sand give brisk effervescecnce  with Na2CO3 and NaHCO3 . Identify X and name the gas responsible for effervescence?

16.  Why denatured alcohol may cause blindness?

17.  Why sunlight is necessary for the substitution reaction of alkanes?  

18.  Why vegetable oils are considered healthy as compared to vegetable ghee? How are they converted into ghee and what name is given to the reaction


1)      Complete questions based on High order thinking skills (HOTS) of chapter Refraction given at page no. 229 & 242

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