Winter Holiday Homework (2015-2016) Class-VIII

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                             Winter Holiday Homework (2015-2016)

                                                   Class -VIII

English:                1. Learn the poem-‘ Gathering Leaves’

2. Write a story  in your Eng. Notebook based on the  framework given below-

Story writing- One day Hina---late to school---teacher scolds---Hina started crying---teacher                                   asked to call parents---Hina sad ---teacher felt  bad---excused her---Hina tells the reason--- apologises---told to  be more careful in future.

Hindi:                  Worksheet given – Do in your C.W. Note-book.

Maths:                  worksheet given-Do in your C.W. Note-book.


1-A diagonal of a quadrilateral is 26 cm and the perpendiculars drawn to it, from the opposite vertices are 12.8 cm and 11.2 cm. Find the area of the quadrilateral.

2- Find the area of a parallelogram, one of whose sides is 32 cm and its distance from the opposite side is 16.5 cm.

3- One side of a parallelogram is 18 cm long and its area 153 cm square. Find the distance of the given side from its opposite side.

4- Find the area of the rhombuses whose dimensions are

(i)                  Side = 12 cm, altitude = 7.5 cm.

(ii)                Side = 2 dm, altitude = 12.6 cm.

5- The area of a rhombus is 119 cm. square and its perimeter is 56 cm. Find its altitude.

6- The area of a rhombus is 148.8 cm square. If one of its diagonals is 19.2 cm. Find the length of the other diagonal. 

7- The height of a parallelogram is one – third of the base. If the area is 108 cm square. Find the base and the height.

8- The area of a trapezium is 1586 cm square and the distance between its parallel sides is 26 cm. If one of the parallel sides is 84 cm, Find the other.


9- The parallel sides of a trapezium are 20 cm and 10 cm. Its nonparallel sides are both equal, each being 13 cm. Find the area of trapezium.

10- The area of a trapezium is 180 cm square  and its height is 9 cm. if one of the parallel sides is longer than the other by 6cm, find the two parallel sides.   

Science:               Worksheet given – Do in the C.W. Note-book.

S.St.:                1.Scrap book page no.-203     2.Map work page no.193    3 .Learn the lessons for SA2



   Subject: Science          Topic: Holiday homework


  1. Write any two names of chemical that can be added to purify water?
  2. What are the various gasses present in air and their percentage?
  3. How can we prevent water from being polluted?
  4. Explain the effects of water pollution on living being?
  5. What are the different methods used to purify water in the city?
  6. Write a note on green house effects?
  7. What is acid rain and what are the effects of acid rain?
  8. What are the effects of impurities on electrical conductivity of water?
  9.  Why salts like sodium chloride (NaCl) in the solid form do not conduct electricity?

10.  Name the charge carriers present in liquid?


  1. Name all the endocrine glands, their location and hormones secreted by  them ?
  2. Write any 5 emotions that are very common in the age of adolescence?
  3. Name any 3 physical changes that occur only in male during adolescence?
  4. Mention any two physical changes that occur only on the female during the age of adolescence?
  5. Why we should eat nutrient and balanced diet during the age of adolescence?
  6. How we will keep our genital organ clean? (three to four points )
  7. Write all the steps involved in the process of fertilization?
  8.  Write the function of sperm duct, penis, oviduct, vagina, and urethra?
  9. Draw the life cycle of frog and butterfly?

10.  Define the term abortion, female infanticide, metamorphosis, sperm, ovum, and semen?



1)      Name the two charged particles in an atom?

2)      Define seismology ?

3)      Name the most common scale used to measure the magnitude of an earthquake ?

4)      What is lateral inversion ?

5)      What is the blind spot in an eye ?

6)      State the laws of reflection ?

7)      Name the brightest star in the night sky ?

8)      Name the first satellite sent by India into space ?

9)      Name the phase of the moon in which a very small portion of the moon is visible from the earth ?

10)    Define epicenter ?



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