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Holiday Homework (2015-16)


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English : 

  1.  I.            Prepare a book review of the novel “Three Men in a Boat” under the following headings :
  2. Name of the Novel
  3. Cost of the Novel
  4. No. of the pages
  5. Writer
  6. About the writer
  7. Brief description of leading characters
  8. Summary
  9. Theme/Moral

Note: - Prepare the book review either on PPT or comment sheets for F.A-1 Internal Assessment (10 marks)

  1. II.            Bring articles/stories/facts/jokes/ poems/puzzles/thoughts etc. for the school magazine. Internal Assessment (10 marks).




Do the given assignment sheet.

Project- Write an autobiography of an Indian mathematician on a drawing sheet.(15 marks) word limit-50 to 100 words(These marks will be included in internal assessment of FA1)


Solve high order thinking skills questions given in “LAKHMIR SINGH & MANJEET KAUR “(Ch-1)Motion 43 and 44 in physics classwork notebook (10 marks). Revise Ch-1(Motion) for F.A-1.Written test of 06 marks on 06 July 2015



Instruction – Do the chemistry assignment on the comment sheets.

  1. Name a process which provide the best evidence for the motion of the particle ?
  2. When sugar is dissolved in water there is no increase in volume .Which characteristics of matter is illustrated by this observation  ?
  3. Arrange the following substances in increasing order of force of attraction between their particles

               WATER , SUGAR, and OXYGEN

  1. Name  the process by which  a drop of ink spreads in a beaker of water?
  2. A substance can be easily compressed on applying pressure .Predict its physical state ?
  3. What is the name of the particle which constitute matter?
  4. What is PLASMA?
  5. What will happens to the interparticle spaces if the liquid is heated ?
  6. Name two gases of air which dissolve in water by difussion, What is the biological importance of this process in nature?

10.  What is the effect of temperature on EVAPORATION?



  1. Bring materials for making plant or animal cell model [ Eg-woolen thread(1m),mustard seed,4-5 groundnut shells,1 packet thermocol ball, small plastic balls (2-3)] for project work.
  2. Write location and function of following animal tissues- Areolar , adipose, tendon, ligament, bone, types of blood cells, cardiac muscles and nervous tissue in your C. W. Notebook.

Draw their figures too. It will be marked in F.A II internals out of 10.

  1. Revise for F.A.I test (Syllabus mentioned in the diary.)

Social Studies:

Read and learn the chapters coming in F.A.

Lessons- Story of Palampur, India:-size and Location. 

Language Lab & Personality Development Assignment

(I.)              Maintain the following pages in your Language Lab File (Project work as already explained in class & will be added towards FA 1 for 20 marks):


(a.)  Write your introduction in a creative way on a comment sheet. You could start by describing yourself in one word & explain why you think that word defines you. (For example: You can use the word “Positive” to describe yourself. Then you will explain why the word defines you. You can write that you believe the word positive defines you because you have a very positive approach in life. Give examples to show where you have shown such behavior). Next you have to write about your personal details (like name, age, class, school, city etc). Then describe your special talents & qualities along with your ambition in life.  (Word Limit at least 150 words)


You can paste various pictures of yourself on a sheet and describe those moments also. (How you felt, who were you with, do you miss that moment etc)


Note: The above task has already been explained in the class while discussing how to introduce oneself.


(b.)             Write any ten of your favourite quotations/thoughts/sayings on an art sheet or

comment sheet. (You can use sketch pens)

(c.)              On a comment sheet paste pictures of your favourite icons/idols (at least 2)

along with their names and write why they are your favourite icons/idols. (Word Limit – 100 words)


Note: All the above pages/sheets should be filed and have text (as per the word limit) along with pictures/drawings. The cover of your file should be attractive. You can use any file/folder. Use colours/pictures/drawings etc for your project. Feel free to experiment and be creative.

(II.)           Record the following in a C.D. (you could record using a Smartphone or on a desktop using the VLC player with the help of recording feature):


(a.)              Give a review of your favourite movie (Bollywood/Hollywood) in English. Begin with your own introduction. Talk about the movie, its cast (the actors) & the plot (story). Next talk about what do you think/feel about the story line/plot (interesting/boring/common etc.) , how is the performance of the actors (have they been able to impress the audience, have they acted well/done justice to the role etc). Next talk about special effects if any. At the end give the advice to the viewers whether they should watch it or not and give a rating (3 star/4 star/ 5 star)

Note: The following task has already been explained in class. Additionally you can view movie reviews on YouTube for reference purposes. The review should be of at least 1-2 minutes.

(b.)             Narrate an inspirational story / incident. You could read out a story and record it as explained in the class.

(c.)              Imagine you have participated in a National talent Hunt Competition where you have to record a video of yourself giving your brief introduction and talk about your special/hidden talent. The video would be used for auditioning and must include the following details:

(i.)                  Name, Age, City, School

(ii.)                A few lines about your hobbies

(iii.)              Your special/hidden talent (You could also give details like medals/prizes won)

(iv.)              At the end talk about how excited you are to be apart of this competition and thank the judges.

Note: The above tasks have already been explained in class.



Mathematics Assignment:-

  1. 1.     Find the sum of 2 and.
  2. 2.     Simplify: (4+) (4).
  3. 3.     Find the value of  .
  4. 4.     Find the value of (5 +).
  5. 5.     Is the number  rational or irrational.
  6. 6.     Write the coefficient of  in the expansion of .
  7. 7.     How many zeros does cubic polynomial has?
  8. 8.     Find the value of  at
  9. 9.     What is the remainder when  is divided by
  10. 10.                  What is the degree of a cubic polynomial?
  11. 11.                   Find two rational number between -2 and 5.
  12. 12.                   Rationalise:
  13. 13.                   Find two rational number between  and
  14. 14.                   Express 0. in the form where p and Q are integers and Q
  15. 15.                   Insert a rational number between the following:                                                                                                                (a) and                               (b) 1 and 1.1


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