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Holiday Homework (2015-16)

Class – VIII

Name: ____________________


English: Holiday homework should be done in English language notebook. It will be marked in Internal

Assessment of FA-1. (Poem out of 10, book review out of 10)

1-      Learn the poem : Ozymandias or any other poem of your choice from your book. 

2-      Read any book of your choice and write the BOOK REVIEW.

 Compile it in your Lang. copy on the following outlines-

a)      Name of the book.

b)      Author

c)      Pages and cost

d)     About the author

e)      About the main characters

f)       Message/Theme of the book

g)      Summary in 100-150 words

Books Suggested:

1-      Treasure Island

2-      A Christmas Carol

3-      The Caravan Family

4-      The Queen Elizabeth Family

5-      Robinson Crusoe

6-      Series- Secret Seven/Famous Five

7-      Tom Sawyer

8-      David Copperfield

9-      1001 Nights

10-  Stories of Akbar-Birbal

Note:- The above mentioned books are available in the library.

Write Articles, Short stories, thoughts or find Puzzles, Facts etc. for school magazine. This matter should be typed and submitted when the school reopens. This will be assessed for FA-2.







1-      Complete the assignment(worksheet given)

2-      Describe all types of numbers (natural, whole, rational numbers etc.) on a drawing sheet.

( Marks 20). These marks will be included in Internal Assessment of FA1.


Biology: 1) Find and write about the following-Location Area, 5 Endangered Plants and animals protected there and any other specific information about the 5 national parks of North India on a comment sheet for FA-2 Activity.

2) Collect pictures of any 10 items from the following and write in your notebook about the methods by which we can keep them safely for a long time (pickles, jam, chips, sauces, murabbas, grains, spices, green vegetables, potato-onion, mushroom, meat, milk, sweets, and bread) for FA-1 activity.

3) Revise for FA-1 test (syllabus mentioned in the diary).

Chemistry:1) Do the assignment sheet given.

Physics: Learn and write Short question answers of the chapter FORCE AND FRICTION. This will be assessed in  FA-1 internals out of 05 marks.

Learn chapter FORCE AND FRICTION for FA-1 written test.


Social Studies:

1) On the outline map of India, show the distribution of different types of soil, using different colours (wooden shavings or crayon shavings) on a chart paper

2) Find out about (any) two monuments that were laid down by Mahatma Gandhi during the struggle for freedom. Paste pictures in support of your information.

For which marks out of 10 will be allotted.


Mathematics Assignment:-

Q1. Identify which of the following are perfect squares-

a)256                                  b)564                     c )456

Q2. Find the least number that must be subtracted from 268 to make it a perfect square?

Q3. Find the least number that must be multiplied to  345 to make it a perfect square?

Q4. Identify which of the following are perfect cubes-

a)3045                                 b)2342                  c )9000

Q5. Associative property is not followed in _____

(a) whole numbers (b) integers (c) natural numbers (d) rational numbers

Q6. ____ is the identity for the addition of rational numbers

. (a) 1            (b) 0          (c) – 1      (d) 1

 Q7. ____ is the multiplicative identity for rational numbers.

 (a) 1            (b) 0                (c) – 1            (d) 1

Q8.The additive inverse of 7/5 is

 (a) 1 (b) 0 (c) – 7/5 (d) 7/5

 Q9. Zero has ________ reciprocal.

 (a) 1 (b) 2 (c) 3 (d) no

Q10. Find two rational numbers between (i) -2 and 2. (ii) -1 and 0.

Q11. Raju earns Rs16000/month. He spends ¼ of his income on food; 3/10 of the remainder on house rent

and 5/ 21of the remainder on education of children. How much money is still left with him?

Q12. Divide the sum of 1 3 5 and −1 2 7 by the product of −3 1 7 and −1 2

Chemistry Assignment:

Instruction – Do the Chemistry assignment on the comment sheet.

  1. Why is rayon called ARTIFICIAL SILK?
  2. Give two examples of each of NATURAL and SYNTHETIC FABRICS?
  3. What are the source of raw materials for synthetic fabrics?
  4. List two uses of each of the following fabrics in application other than clothing?
  5. Why are ropes made of NYLON used in cranes and elevators?
  6. Discuss the problems associated with the plastic disposal?
  7. Discuss the limitations associated with SYNTHETIC FABRICS?
  8. Give two clothing  - related application of each of the following

a)      NYLON


c)      ACRYLIC

  1. List the general characteristics of SYNTHETIC FABRICS?

10.  What is the full form of the following

(a)    PET

(b)   HDPE

(c)    PVC

(d)   LDPE

Language Lab & Personality Development Assignment:

(I.)              Maintain the following pages in your Language Lab File (as already explained in class):


(a.)  Write your introduction in a creative way on a comment sheet. You could start by describing yourself in one word & explain why you think that word defines you. (For example: You can use the word “Positive” to describe yourself. Then you will explain why the word defines you. You can write that you believe the word positive defines you because you have a very positive approach in life. Give examples to show where you have shown such behavior). Next you have to write about your personal details (like name, age, class, school, city etc). Then describe your special talents & qualities along with your ambition in life.  (Word Limit at least 150 words)


You can paste various pictures of yourself on a sheet and describe those moments also. (How you felt, who were you with, do you miss that moment etc)


Note: The above task has already been explained in the class while discussing how to introduce oneself.


(b.) Write any ten of your favourite quotations/thoughts/sayings on an art sheet or comment sheet. (You can use sketch pens)

(c.)  You and your friends have found an old lamp near your school premises. You discover that it is a magical lamp and there’s a genie who resides in it. However, the genie tells you that he will grant all your wishes only for a day after which you must bury the lamp. Describe your one day adventure with the genie in 200 words on a comment sheet and file it.


Note: All the above pages/sheets should be filed and have text (as per the word limit) along with pictures/drawings. The cover of your file should be attractive. You can use any file. Use colours/pictures/drawings etc for your project. Feel free to experiment and be creative.  

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