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Holiday Homework (2015-16)

Class VII

Name: ____________________


  1. Learn the poem: A Legend of Northland or any other 10-15 lines poem of your choice (F.A.10 marks).
  2. Do 1 page of Cursive Writing everyday – neatly.
  3. Read a story of your own choice and write the story review. Compile and write the details on the following outlines: (F.A. 10 marks)
    1. Name of the story
    2. Writer
    3. No. of pages it has
    4. Main Characters
    5. Summary (100-120 words)
    6. Moral /Theme
  4. Collect / Write Articles/stories/facts/puzzles/thoughts etc. for the school magazine and bring the same when the school reopens. The content should be typed and not hand-written. (FA – 10 Marks. 


  1. Complete the worksheet given in Maths Homework /Remedial Notebook.
  2. On a drawing sheet (A4 size) write about the different types of Natural Numbers, Whole Numbers etc, along with their definitions and examples and file it in a Project File. (20 marks for the project file will be added in FA1 Internals)



  1. Draw a well labelled diagram of a Clinical Thermometer and Laboratory Thermometer on a chart paper. This will be marked in FA1 internals out of 5.
  2. Revise the chapter Temperature and Heat for FA1 for internal assessment. This will be marked in FA1 internals out of 5.


  1. Do the given assignment on a comment sheet. This will be marked in FA1 internals out of 5.
  2. Draw the lifecycle of Silk Moth on thermocol. This will be marked in FA1 internals out of 5.


  1. Paste 5 pictures of animals found in Polar and Desert Region on a scrap book and also write their two adaptive features. It will be marked in FA2 activity.
  2. Bring material to form Soil Profile Model (sand, pebbles and big pieces of stones, dry leaves, grass and transparent plastic bottle of medium size). It will be marked in FA2 internals out of 10. This will be a class activity.
  3. Revise for FA1 test (syllabus mentioned in Diary)

Social Studies:

  1. Suggest various ways to reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions in our day to day activities. Write them in your Scrap Notebook and paste pictures in support of your views. 10 marks are allotted for the same in F.A.1
  2. Prepare for your FA1 Test.


Mathematics Assignment: 

A. Change fractions to decimals by dividing:

(1.)                4/5 =

(2.)                1/2 = 

(3.)                6/8 =

(4.)                3/4 =

(5.)                1/5 =

(6.)                3/6 =

(7.)                3/8 =

(8.)                1/4 =

(9.)                6/12 =

(10.)             2/8 =

(11.)             4/16 =

(12.)             2/4 =

B. Solve the following word problems.

Q1. Percy spent 1/4 of his money on food and another 3/10 of his money on a drink?
            a. What fraction of his money did he spend in total?

b. What fraction of Percy’s money was left?


Q2. Sally has a piece of cloth. She used 1/3 of the cloth to make a pillow cover and another 4/7 of the cloth to make a tablecloth.
             a. What fraction of the cloth was used altogether for the pillow cover and tablecloth?

             b. What fraction of the cloth was left over?

Q3. A container is 1/3 full of water and 1/4 full of oil. What fraction of the container is empty?


Q4. Kathy spent 5/8 of her money on books and another 1/6 of her money on stationeries. What fraction of Kathy’s money was left?

Q5. Carl used 2/9 of piece of string to tie a parcel and another 1/4 of the string to tie a box. What fraction of the string was left?

C. Solve the following:


(1.)             2/15 ÷ 1/3 =

(2.)             3/5 ÷ 7/8 =

(3.)             4/7 ÷ 6/7 = 

(4.)             14/15÷ 2/3 =

(5.)             1/6 ÷ 6/10 =

(6.)             4+(-5 )= 

(7.)             3/8÷ 4/9 =

(8.)             15/16 ÷ 3/4 =

(9.)             3/4÷ 6/15 = 

(10.)         -7+5=


Chemistry Assignment:

Instruction – Do the chemistry assignment on the comment sheet

  1. Identify the following as animal and vegetables fibre

(a)    Cotton

(b)   Cashmere

(c)    Flax

(d)   Jute

(e)    Wool

(f)    Silk

  1. Does ANGORA fibre come from goat or rabbit  ?
  2. Wool is a bad conductor of heat . But this cannot be explained why wool keeps us warm? What  other factors contribute to this ?
  3. What factors decide the quality of wool ?
  4. List five animals from which wool is obtained ?
  5. Name three vegetable fibres ?
  6. What property of wool makes it so attractive?
  7. What are the two types of fibres obtained from the FLEECE and SHEEP ?
  8. Differentiate between animal and vegetable fibres ? Give two examples of each ?

10.  Mention the steps in SILK production?


Language Lab & Personality Development Assignment:

(I.)              Maintain the following pages in your Language Lab File (as already explained in class):


(a.)  Write your introduction in a creative way on a comment sheet. You could start by describing yourself in one word & explain why you think that word defines you. (For example: You can use the word “Positive” to describe yourself. Then you will explain why the word defines you. You can write that you believe the word positive defines you because you have a very positive approach in life. Give examples to show where you have shown such behavior). Next you have to write about your personal details (like name, age, class, school, city etc). Then describe your special talents & qualities along with your ambition in life.  (Word Limit at least 150 words)


You can paste various pictures of yourself on a sheet and describe those moments also. (How you felt, who all were you with, do you miss that moment etc)


Note: The above task has already been explained in the class while discussing how to introduce oneself.


(b.) Write any ten of your favourite quotations/thoughts/sayings on an art sheet or comment sheet. (You can use sketch pens)

(c.)  You and your friends have found an old lamp near your school premises. You discover that it is a magical lamp and there’s a genie who resides in it. However, the genie tells you that he will grant all your wishes only for a day after which you must bury the lamp. Describe your one day adventure with the genie in 200 words on a comment sheet and file it.


Note: All the above pages/sheets should be filed and have text (as per the word limit) along with pictures/drawings. The cover of your file should be attractive. You can use any file. Use colours/pictures/drawings etc for your project. Feel free to experiment and be creative.

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