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Holiday Homework (2015-16)


Name: ________________


  1. Learn the poem – Wind or any other poem of 10-15 lines of your choice (F.A. – 10 Marks)
  2. Do one page of Cursive Writing everyday –neatly.
  3. Read a story of your choice and write the story review, Compile it in a file on following outlines – (FA – 10 marks)
    1. Name of the story
    2. Writer
    3. Number of pages it has
    4. About main character
    5. Summary (100-120 words)
    6. Moral/Theme
  4. Collect / Write Articles/stories/poems/facts/puzzles/thoughts etc. for the school magazine and bring the same when the school reopens. The content should be typed and not hand-written. (FA – 10 Marks)






  1. Complete the worksheet given in Maths HW/ Remedial Notebook.
  2. Write down the history of numbers on a drawing sheet. (20 Marks to be added in FA1)


  1. Collect 5 pictures of flora(plants) and fauna (animals) each found on the following habitats of Earth- Forest, Desert, Grassland, Aquatic and Mountain regions for the project work of FA-2 (20 marks)
  2. Bring two samples of polyester, nylon, cotton, jute and woolen fabric each for FA-1 activity (5 marks)
  3. Revise for FA-1 test (syllabus mentioned in the diary)

Social Studies:Collect pictures of major Constellations & Nine Planets for the Project Work to be

completed in school. Marks are allotted for the same in F.A. - 1

Mathematics Assignment:

 Q1. Determine the difference of the place values of two 7’s in 257839705

 Q2. Write the smallest three digits numbers which does not change if the digits are written in   reverse order.

 Q3. Find the difference between the number 279 and that obtained by reversing its digits.

 Q4. Write the greatest 7-digit having three different digits.

 Q5. Write all possible three digit numbers using the digits 6,0,4,when (1)repetition of the digits are not allowed (2) repetition of the digits are allowed

 Q6. Determine the product of the place values of two 5’s in 259659

 Q7 Write true or false for the following statements.

 (a) 7 is a factor of 35 _________

 (b) 35 is a multiple of 5 _________

 (c) 105 is a factor of 3 ___________

 (d) 5 is a factor of 105 ____________

 (e) 5 is a multiple of 7_________

 (f) 105 is a multiple of 3 __________

 Q8. Unique number (number which is neither prime nor composite) is (a) 1 (b) 2 (c) 3 (d) 4

 Q9. The greatest prime number between 1 and 100 is (a) 93 (b) 95 (c) 97 (d) 99

 Q10. Write all factors of each of the following numbers.

 (i) 60 (ii) 125 (iii) 729

 Q11. Write first five multiples of each of the following numbers (i) 25 (ii) 35 (iii) 40

 Q12. Write all prime numbers between (i) 10 and 50 (ii) 70 and 90


Language Lab & Personality Development Assignment:

(I.)              Maintain the following pages in your Language Lab File (as already explained in class):


(a.)  Write your introduction in a creative way on a comment sheet. You could start by describing yourself in one word & explain why you think that word defines you. (For example: You can use the word “Positive” to describe yourself. Then you will explain why the word defines you. You can write that you believe the word positive defines you because you have a very positive approach in life. Give examples to show where you have shown such behavior). Next you have to write about your personal details (like name, age, class, school, city etc). Then describe your special talents & qualities along with your ambition in life.  (Word Limit at least 150 words)

You can paste various pictures of yourself on a sheet and describe those moments also. (How you felt, who all were you with, do you miss that moment etc)


Note: The above task has already been explained in the class while discussing how to introduce oneself.


(b.) Write any ten of your favourite quotations/thoughts/sayings on an art sheet or comment sheet. (You can use sketch pens)

(c.)  You and your friends have found an old lamp near your school premises. You discover that it is a magical lamp and there’s a genie who resides in it. However, the genie tells you that he will grant all your wishes only for a day after which you must bury the lamp. Describe your one day adventure with the genie in 200 words on a comment sheet and file it.


Note: All the above pages/sheets should be filed and have text (as per the word limit) along with pictures/drawings. The cover of your file should be attractive. You can use any file. Use colours/pictures/drawings etc for your project. Feel free to experiment and be creative.

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