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‘There is no short cut to achievement. Life requires thorough preparation’

To prepare the students for forthcoming Competitive exams the school continuously keeps on conducting External exams and Olympiads conducted by different Educational Institutions to test and improve their academic and competitive abilities. The students participate in these external exams with great enthusiasm and qualify in a large number.

The following competitions were conducted lately and the results were as follows:


Adeesh Jain of Grade 10 A secured the 1st Rank in school and 315th Rank in the State.


The following students qualified for the Inter-school Level

Grades                                               Names

2                                                         AumKatiyar

3                                                         PravashiSrivastave

4                                                         AviralKhattar

5                                                         ArushiAgnihotri and Dhruv Kumar Pal

6                                                         Khushi Gupta

10                                                       ParulAgarwal

11                                                       Pulkit Jain, SonakshiDhawan and KritikaAgarwal


                                   BRAIN – O - BRAIN

The following Little Champs have qualified the Second Round

Grades                                               Names

2                                                         Kritika Singh

3                                                         Devansh Singh and VaibhavPrajapati

5                                                         Dhruv Pal


                                   NTST  BY EPOCH OLYMPIAD FOUNDATION

The results are as follows:

Grades                       Position                       Names

2                                 1st                                Kritika Singh                                                  

                                   2nd                                Sameeksha Patel                                           

                                   3rd                                AnshumanTewari

3                                 1st                                 PulkitSrivastava

                                   2nd                                ParthAwasthi 

                                   3rd                                PravashiSrivastava

4                                 1st                                 SaiDevratRao

                                   2nd                                Apeksha Patel

                                   3rd                                AviralKhattar

                                   4th                                Shantanu Singh

5                                 1st                                 Kushagra Singh

                                   2st                                 Dhruv K. Pal

6                                 1st                                 Medha Mishra

                                   2nd Tanishka Pal

7                                 1st                                 NamanNareh Mishra

                                   2nd                                DivyaAdiani

                                    3rd                                MohitAwtani

                                   4th                                PrayushGiri

                                   5th                                Nischal Singh

                                   6th                                Kushi Gupta

                                   7th                                Anushka Singh

                                   8th                                Swapnil Gupta

8                                 1st                                GovindPurwar

                                   2nd                                VanshBaluja

                                   3rd                                Aviral Gaur

                                   4th                                Manas Gaur

9                                 1st                                Yash Sharma

                                   2nd                                SanjogShivhare

                                   3rd                                SaloniShukla

                                   4th                                ArihantPratap Singh


Aswani Gupta stood 1st in Grade 10 and secured 44th All India Rank and has been awarded a scholarship by the Foundation

                                   2nd                                Jyot Singh Bhatia

                                   3rd                                Sakshi Sharma

                                   4th                                Deepali Gupta

                                   5th                                Anmol Singh

                                   6th                                Pranjali Singh

                                   7th                                Rajat Singh    

                                   8th                                GeetikaFunda

                                                9th                                           ShantanuPandey

11                                           1st                                           AvinashPratap Singh

                                                2nd                                          Ishan Omar

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