Winter vacations homework

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The Jain International School, Kanpur

Class 1-A

Winter Vacation Home Work


English :-             Learn the poem “ Polly James”

Hindi :-                  Language -          ,d&vusd ¼opu½] yM+dk& yM+dh ¼fyax½ ;kn djsaA

              Literature -         Learn  L-12 and 13.

Maths :-               Cut one shape each of the following on a coloured paper – Rectangle, Triangle, Square, 

                                Circle, Oral and paste them in your Maths notebook.

E.V.S. :                        Learn Chapter 11 and 12.


Class 2nd

Winter Vacation Home Work

English :-              Learn the poem – “That’s What you think”

Hindi :-                  Literature :-        ikB 9 ,oa 11 ;kn djsaA

              Language -          vusd ‘kCnksa ds fy, ,d ‘kCn] foykse ,oa fo’ks”k.k ;kn djsaA

Maths :-               Complete CCE Drill – Page numbers 195-198.

Science :-             From page number 89 of the science textbook learn the exercises A and B.

                                Read chapter number 11 from the science textbook.

Social Studies-   Learn L- 10 and L- 11.

                                Do page numbers 76 and 77 (in book).


Class 3rd  

Winter Vacation Home Work

English :-              Learn the poem – “Boats Sail on the River”

Hindi :-                  Literature :-        ikB 9] 10 o 11 ;kn djsaA

              Language -          fo’ks”k ,oa vusd ‘kCnksa ds fy, ,d ‘kCn ;kn djsaA

Maths :-               Collect the wrappers of things which can be measured in grams and kilograms and paste

                                them in your maths notebook.

Science :-             (1) Learn exercises A and B from page number 97 of Science textbook of chapter

                                number 10.

                                (2) Read chapter 11 from science textbook.

Social Studies :  Learn lesson 13 and 14.

                                Mark the States of India on a Political Map of India.


Class 4th

Winter Vacation Home Work

English :-              Learn the poem – “If Ever I See.”

Hindi :-                  Literature :-        ikB 10 ,oa 12 ;kn djsaA

              Language -          fdz;k ,oa Ik;kZ;okph ;kn djsaA

Maths :-               Project :-             Make a clock out of thermocol sheet (A-4 size).

Science :-             *Learn exercises A and B chapter of number II from science text book.

                        *Read chapter number 13 from the science text book.

S.St. :-              *Learn L-19- Industries.

                        *Mark the States of India on a Political Map of India.


 Class 5th

Winter Vacation Home Work

Social Studies :- Learn lesson 3 and lesson 4.

                                Mark the States of India on a Political Map of India.

Maths :-               Project – Cut a circle on a coloured paper and mark the following parts :-  Diameter,

                                Chord centre, Arc, Semi-circle and circumference. Paste it in your maths notebook.        

Hindi :-                  Literature :-        Learn lesion – 13, 14 & 15.

                                Language -          fdz;k o foykse ‘kCn ;kn djsaA

Science :-             Make a project on solar system on a thermocol  sheet.

English :-              1. Read lesson- Hamgudhi Gohei – Underline &learn difficult words and learn word       meanings of the same.

2. Do Lesson- Riddle Time in the Grammer Book.


Class 6th 

Winter Vacation Home Work

English                 1:            Do 1 pg. of Cursive Writing Book everyday – Neatly.

2:            Write a short story in about 120-150 words on a neat sheet .

3:            Learn The Poem” Day break”.

Hindi :-                 1-     f’k”Vkpkj ij vk/kkfjr viuk ifj;kstuk dk;Z iw.kZ djukA

              2-     F.A.- 4 ikB~;dze & fo’ks”k iqjLdkj] larks dh vkSj vfodkjh ‘kCn ;kn djukA

                     ¼mRrj iqfLrdk esa½

Maths :-               1:            Do all the word problems from each erection of ratio & proportion & Unitary

                                                Method ( In your homework or Remedial notebook).

Science :-            Write 10 ways to manage the non- biodegradable waste in your science notebook.

Social Science:-                Make a project on any ONE of the topic:

Diversity in India .      OR                                India: Natural Vegetation & Wildlife .


Class 7th  

Winter Vacation Home Work

English :-             1:            Do 1 page of Cursive Writing book everyday .

2:            Read Lesson – Michael –Underline and learn difficult words and learn word

                meanings of the same.

3:            Learn the poem- Daffodils .

Hiindi :-                               F.A.- 4 HkfDr ds in] lksuk ;kn djsaA

              fyf[kr dk;Z& fdz;k fo’ks”k.k] laca/k cks/kd] leqPp; cks/kd] foLe;kfncks/kd izR;sd ds

              nks&nks mnkgj.k fy[k dj izkstsDV cukb,½ 

Mathematics:    Complete exercise 16.2 to exercise 16.6 in your maths class work register.

Science:-             Physics : Make a working model on either electric circuit or electromagnet.

Biology: Prepare the chapter – Reproduction in plants.

Chemistry: Make a model on Rain water harvesting.

Social Studies : Make a project on types of market & market intermediaries( Comment Sheet)


Make a project on the life of the people living in the desert region(Comment Sheet).





Class 8th 

Winter Vacation Home Work

English :               1: Read the chapter – Diamond Maker(underline &learn the difficult words of the same )

2: Learn the poem: “Gathering Leaves”.

Hindi :-                 ¼1½ jke ou xeu] D;ksa fujk’k gqvk tk; ikB ds iz0m0 ;kn djsaA

              ¼2½ fyf[kr dk;Z & O;kdj.k okP; dh ifjHkk”kk Hksn o muds nks&nks mnkgj.k fy[ksaA     

Maths :                 Complete Exercise 16.1,16.2,16.3 in your Maths class work register.

Science:               Physics: Write ten facts or features of all the planets of the solar system in your notebook.

Biology:               Prepare the chapter-Age of adolescence and Reproduction

Chemistry:          Make a project on any ONE topic

                                Electroscope      OR          How does lightining occur(comment sheet)

Social :                  Studies Make a project on any ONE topic:

1: Major manufacturing Industries in India OR Natural Disaster and its management.


Class 9th 

Winter Vacation Home Work

English:                Read the second part of the Novel.

Hindi :-                  izkstsDV dk;Z iwjk djsaA fdl rjg vkf[kjdkj eSa fgUnh esa vk;kA

              fyf[kr dk;Z & vFkZ ds vk/kkj ij okD; Hksn o izR;sd ds nks&nks mnkgj.k ¼mRrj iqfLrdk esa½ Maths :                              Complete Exercise 13.4 to 13.8 in your class notebook.

Social Studies:  Revise for the test.

1: Working of Institutions,   2: Food Security,   3: Climate

Science:-             Biology: Write 5 features of Phylum poriferra coelenterate,Platyhelminthes, Nematoda,

                                Annelida, Arthopaoda, Mollusca,Echinodermata in your notebook.

Physics:                Do all the exercise given on page 158 &159 in your physics notebook.

Chemistry:          Complete the exercises given on page 43,44 and 45in your chemistry notebook.


Class 10th 

Winter Vacation Home Work

English :               Prepare the second part of the novel.

Hindi :-                 10 ljy okD; dks ljy ,oa la;qDr okD; esa cnfy;sA ¼A4- ‘khV ij izn’kZuh gsrq½

              vFkok izR;sd jl ds nks mnkgj.k fyf[k,A ¼lUnfHkZr fp= lfgr pkVZ isij izns’kZuh gsrq½

Maths :                 Complete the remaining exercises of surface area and volume.  Complete activity 5(a)

                                and activity 7 in your lab manual.

Social Studies-  Revise 1. Lifelines of National Economy. 2. Outcomes of Democracy. 3.  Globalisation.

Science:               Physics:-              Complete the exercises in your physics notebook(pg no.185 and186)

Chemistry:          Make a chart on functional group or write notes on soap and detergent on comment


Biology:               Do all the questions given on page no.159 in your homework notebook/ Remedial note book.

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